Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 5

Well it is the evening of November 6 and saying as I did not write my blog yesterday I will do it this evening along with today's.  This is extremely difficult after a glass of wine, a salad with no salad dressing included and nothing to talk about but I will give it a go <g>.

After our exciting afternoon and evening yesterday we have decided to leave the coast behind us and head inland so a long drive ahead of us.  For our final good-bye to this spectacular coastline we went back to the blow holes with the idea I could re-video the blowhole correctly so you would to have to turn your monitors or heads 90 degrees to view.  Now I really did try hard, I took about 8 different videos and got drenched three times in the process, the final drenching caught the camera lens so any further photography would include a spotty salty droplets effects.  Time to head back to the car and clean the camera lens before I forget and ruin any further pictures taken today.  You know how absent minded I can be with things like this <g>.

Back in the car with a final wave to the sea we headed on our long drive, not as long as the Tanimi drive last year, this one is about 450 km, but it is all on tarmac and oh so boring.  I had a look at the videos I took and they are all rubbish so sorry folks, you will have to stick with the one where you turn you head/monitors 90 degrees.

In desperate need for a coffee and a rest for Alan who is driving today we stopped at the first roadhouse we came across.  Now always being on the lookout for more shots glasses to add to my collection I needed my purse.  I know where I left it but it has gone 'walkabout'.  What a horrible feeling, not that there are many cents in it but it does have my bits of plastic and the thought of having to get through to Riyad Bank to cancel my card in not funny.  Searching the glove box and removing all the strange items that have accumulated there did not reveal my purse but a sideways glance through the tiny gap at the side led my eyes to catch a glimpse of pink - my purse was found but inaccessible - now how convenient is that, Alan will have to pay for any goodies I find <g>.

In the roadhouse, coffee ordered, map for the Karijini National Park we are heading for purchased I leant on the counter.  Nothing strange abut this you might think but alas a tray was perched on the counter right where I placed my elbow.  Thankfully my quick actions caught the items and the tray before everything ended on the floor.  With my apologies for being half asleep made I was made to feel much better by the assistant, who explained that yesterday some driver had got back into his car after filling the fuel tank, but had forgotten to remove the fuel hose. On driving off, he pulled the fuel hose out of his tank and spilt fuel everywhere, trashing the pump in the process.

Continuing our journey on tarmac Alan got all excited, the land was changing from flat with a few green shrubby plants to a landscape that contained rocks.  OK, we are maybe going a bit crazy today - blame the sun <g>.

 OOOO look, the Tropic of Capricorn.  Now with being a Capricorn I love this bit.  Last year we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn from north to south without knowing it but found it again as we headed back north.  What a big show of the crossing was made north of Alice, a lovely piece of architecture with the line all drawn out etc.  What had we got this year!!!!!

We needed to start looking for a home for the night, it was starting to get dark and we still had miles to go before getting to the Karijini National Park.  We have stopped at a 24 hours stopping place before at Murchinson River, and seeing another on our map thought it was worth investigating.  Lovely, well laid out, has a river, lots of trees and obviously home to a variety of birds - perfect………

OK, the river had no water in it - time to use your
imagination on what it would like look like in the
rainy season :)
Winston's home for the night.
Alan took this photo of one of the birds flying around while I was in our gourmet kitchen cooking - sausages <g>……..

All for today folks.

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