Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 22

We had run out of excuses for not getting ourselves into gear to sort the punctured spare tyre so today we packed up once again, removed all the bedding from Winston's penthouse suite, folded our chairs, packed the one ring cooker away (all we have now saying as Winstons's two ring gas cooker has no gas left), sorted the cameras etc.  All buckled up and ready to go, Alan gently inserts the ignition key and gives it a quick flick.  Winston was still asleep and no sign of life.  Another try, just a click and nothing.  Now we have noticed over the past few weeks, when Winston is quite happy with his resting place he is rather temperamental when it comes to moving him on.  Today was another of those days, this time his foot ware was in tack but his battery was dead.  Alan tried everything, even to removing the battery for the fridge and trying to use that to kickstart Winsotn into the land of the living but he was having none of it.

With no mobile signals where we are it was out with the satellite phone again to call Britz.  No problem, recovery vehicle on it's way to give Winston the kick he needs to wake up and start moving.  Not a long wait, only about half an hour, sitting in glorious sunshine, we heard the pickup arriving to sort the problem, then it was follow the recovery guy back to his garage so he could check the battery over properly.  All fine so our next stop was onto Munjinup to find a new inner tube, upload the blog, find a yummy coffee and then ponder on our next move.  Should we continue north-west towards Perth and hope we find somewhere nice to stop on the way, or head back to our very comfortable, scenic, leafy dwelling for another night or two saying as the sun is shining.  The latter choice won hands down and we turned Winston around to head back.

In need of a story for the blog and saying as we have driven past every winery so far, we decided to stop by one and buy a bottle of wine to go with our ham sandwich for dinner.  Which one to choose, now that is hard.  The easiest decision was to stop at the first one and taste their wines, well me to do the tasting while Alan looked on in anticipation saying as he was the driver <g>!!!  Remember what I said before, it does not take much wine to start sending me loopy <g>, this could be a very interesting journey home :).  The first winery we came to was called 'Lost Lake Wines', we were going to be quite choosy, the wine had to be red, fruity and non-acidic.  What a posh looking place, hope they sell bottles not casks <g>.

The first thing we noticed was their rather large vats with clear tubes coming out of them, and yes they were tinged with red.

This to us was a good indication they sold red wine.  Now for the tasting.  A very sweet young lass was serving us, could I have some fun here or should I behave. I decided to behave and admitted we were not wine drinkers just in case she was expecting me to do the three S's - smell, swill and spit.  I also mentioned most wines tasted the same to me and sent shivers down my spine while I shuddered with the acidity.  Her face fell, she did not think they had anything that my pallet would enjoy but best I taste them anyway.  Wine number 1 - shudder, wine number 2 - shudder, wine number 3 - shudder again.  Now they did have another wine, Honey Merlot, it was not on the list but had a flyer all of it's own.  Was this a good sign, was it so special it was streets above the rest in flavour or was it an experiment or was so bad it was not worthy of being included with the other wines.  Only one way to find out, this wine was naturally sweet like honey, still full bodied with juicy raspberry flavours, and it was yummy, instead of a shudder it was a tingle, that will do us just fine.  We ended up taking two bottles of wine and it was out with my almost empty purse.  The girls face was classic when she saw me tip all my small change onto the counter and bless her, there was not enough there but she was going to let us have the wine anyway.  No need for that, the notes were tucked but still easy to access <g>.

Back in our peaceful spot amongst the Kirri trees we enjoyed our wine with a ham salad sandwich, oh what a life.

One thing I have not shared with you this blog is an image of the inside of Winston's penthouse bedroom so here you are, our bed for the night almsot made, only the sleeping back to take up with us as we clamber into bed for the night.  What can one say, a tent on top of a vehicle with comes with 5 windows and electric lighting, not hardship at all :)


  1. Oh, how I have missed reading your adventures, sounds like you are having as much fun as the day you got here. Can't wait to read on.......big love to you both xxxxx

  2. The fun never stopped, as always, Alan and I have a ball outbacking in OZ, the freedom, the stars, the new sights - pure magic xx

  3. I've just been reading about your trip. We went to Australia in 2010 and stayed with relatives in Darwin and Mandurah. We also visited more relatives in Manjimup and visited wineries on the journey between Mandurah and Manjimup, they were beautiful. Hazel OSAAT DT buddy x

    1. We have loved our two holidays in OZ Hazel but have to admit, for us, it was the first experience in the Northern Territory and at the top end of Western Oz that won our hearts. The last holiday were we started off in Perth then went to visit a friend in Mandurah before heading out to explore was to urban for us country bumpkins . Hope you have enjoyed reading the blog, sorry about the spelling/grammar, the fingers type faster than the brain can think, mind you the brain thinks at tortoise pace lol.


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