Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18

As promised, a picture of our back garden to start today's blog, lots and lots of little flowers, bugs and an odd bird or two, very peaceful indeed, so peaceful we decided to stay another day in the hope the sun would come out to play.

Lookie lookie, the sun has come out, long enough for us to have a wonderful shower, oh and how spoilt I was.  Alan boiled two kettle full's of hot water, the shower was so hot we had to add more cold water.  Then it was a natural dry off using the suns rays instead of a towel.  What a beautiful bathroom <g>.

While the sun was out and checking the skies to see when the next lump of clouds would be overhead we reckoned we had a good hour so decided to check out the beach which was just over the dunes, not a kilometre away this time, just a couple of hundred meters or so.  Winding our way along sandy tracks we eventually reached the beach.  

No wonder we could hear the waves crashing as a background sound at our campsite, they were vicious, but do make for a good picture.

And time to make our way back to the sheltered spot we have left Winston in.  Well I say sheltered, the wind still managed to howl and swirl around us, sooooooooo cold at times.

By 6:00 p.m. we had tried everything to get warm, including once again bring out the sleeping bag to wrap ourselves in but nothing was working so it was off to bed in our luxury penthouse tent <g>.  Hence we missed whatever sunset there might have been!!!!  Sorry this has been such a short blog, obviously with us taking a day out to relax I don't have much to write about.  Heading back on the road tomorrow so fingers crossed I will have another story for you <g>.


  1. Yet another magic spot, Winston looks so comfortable like he might never leave and I wouldn't blame him

  2. Not sure Winston liked this spot as much as others, I think he was feeling chilly and wanted to find some sunshine and no wind lol


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