Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 16

This is going to be a really short blog, not much happened today and the weather was pretty cloudy so no good for photos unfortunately.

On leaving Esperance we headed for Ravensthorpe, just north east of the Fitzgerald River National Park, meant to be beautiful and different from what we have seen so far.

Stopping off at Lake Monjingup, maybe something interesting for our lenses to capture.  Pretty boring place, they had a good dunny <g> but the lack of blue skies made the place look quite dreary.

Managed to get a couple of flower pics and that was all.

Alas, when we checked out the visitors centre in Ravensthorpe we were told the park was closed.  Due to all the rain the graders were in the park re-doing the tracks etc.  I guess all folks around here are only 2WD - how typical.  Now, not to be defeated and never believing what we are told we headed off to the park anyway, sure enough, it was closed.

Three p.m. and not much time to go anywhere we stopped at Kundip Townsite ruins, can't find a decent link for the place so you will understand there is not much to see there  but it was a place to park Winston up for the night.  Our excitement began when the flies came out to play and boy did they come in droves.  Alan and I must have spent a good couple of hours having fun with our fly swats.  It was amazing to see hundreds of fairly large ants appear to carry off all the flies we were sending on their journey from earth.  One thing struck me, if the ants were humans there would have been ructions.  When an ant grabbed hold of his manna from heaven he headed off home but none of the other ants attacked him for his prize.  Imagining a human scurrying off with a kangaroo leg for his dinner I think the surround humans would have pounced on him to steal his winnings.  Maybe we could all learn something from the ants civilised way of life!!!!

What's this, the sun slipped away for the night but no sunset, how odd and no we were not sleeping as the darkness fell, we waited patiently with our cameras but no orange/red skies appeared, it went from daylight to dusk to dark.  Oh well, can't win them all :)


  1. Have just caught up on your last 2 weeks of blog entries and what a read - brilliant!! What an adventure you're both having and your pictures are amazing! Enjoy the rest of your journey xx

  2. We were thinking about you while you were over here, hope it was a super successful holiday . Glad you are still enjoying the blog, it has been a fun one to do, seen so much. Still got a week left - wonder what we will find before reaching Perth. Off to the Valley of the Giant so fingers crossed for good weather, yesterday lots of rain and we are feeling soggy this morning :) xx

  3. Jet lag set it and was up at just after midnight Saudi time and just read, read, read your blog - am glad you got good weather. When I was in Melb it was typical and got all seasons - loved it......your pics are amazing and cannot wait to catch up with you when you're back xxx

  4. Wow that is not as good as my postcard though, which i am well impressed with. Jay loved his too xxx

  5. A fun card, just could not help myself . Glad Jay got his too xxxx


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