Saturday, September 4, 2010


Try saying that title after a few beers <g>.  We have had an amazing time time here in the Coffs Harbour area, not that we have seen much as most of our time has been spent at Skippy's drinking beer and having BBQs.  The weather has been a bit crappy, it was raining just before the wedding yesterday, vanished during the wedding ceremony and then started again afterwards.  Today it rained most of the morning and a bit into the afternoon.  At least it is not like rain in the UK, with that biting wind that usually accompanies it but the sea does resemble the North Sea, not very welcoming to say the least.

The day before the wedding we went to Sherwood Forest <g> - so many English names here one has to laugh.  What a fabulous place for a picnic and you should see the BBQ area set up for those who chose to use it, out of this world.

We headed off up a track to a waterfall, not always the best plan for us, somewhat challenging in general.  The one we went to visit in Thailand nearly killed us <g>, clambering over large boulders, ducking under big branches and a path that was barely passable.  This little jaunt was a lot easier and still very pretty, at points we, well maybe just me, had feeling of being some great explorer.  I should quit having such a crazy imagination and try reality for a spell but that tends to be rather boring.  You remember what it was like when you were a kid and could make up ideas of exploration in the wild even if you were only walking down a street.  Good stuff.
What wonderful trees, so tall and straight they seem to stretch up and meet the sky.

It was rather late in the day and too dark to take any really good pictures but I did find a solitary lemon tree with a solitary lemon on it <g>.  I guess somebody spat a pip out one day or may it was compliments of the birds.
A lemon, a lonely lemon and no I did not pluck it from the tree <g>.
 I am now tucked up in bed with some some chocolate honeycomb aussie things and Alan is about to put a film on so good night all, sleep tight and don't let the bugs bite.

Next stop tomorrow night should be Brisbane unless our plans change at the last minute.

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