Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept 25

Now here I am being such a good girl, sitting at our new campsite overlooking a dry riverbed (a very small one), the sun is shining on my back and had been for the past hour or so and it is only 8:30am.  We will be heading off for a walk soon but saying as I have a few free moments this is a good time to keep up to date with the blog.

We left Kununurra yesterday bright and early, on the road by 7:15am.  A couple of hours later I asked Alan if he knew where he was going, no was the response I was meant to be telling him.  By now we had passed Lake Argyle so forget that as a stopping place for the night.  Our original plan was to try and find somewhere to camp by the lake and get a different view of it than the one from the other day which did not impress us much.  It is a great piece of engineering I agree but alas man-made and we want nature.

Onward and further along the Great Northern Highway (heading South) to Pernululu National Park, home of the Bungle Bungle range.  Pernululu by the way is the Aboriginal word for sandstone.

Registered the vehicle at the visitors center, got the map and a quick overview of the area and booked ourselves in for two nights.  Next, find a camp spot, we are wondering what we are going to find with visions of the Mitchell Fall campsite running through our heads.  This place has made a tremendous effort to provide an excellent layout, we have a tap and dunny near by and although we are not alone there is plenty of tree coverage to give the impression of solitude.  Well done to the groups who have provided this facility, and I would recommend it to anyone.  Time to eat our belated lunch and have a few cups of tea before heading off to one of the viewing points, Kungkalahayi Lookout, a short walk and an excellent place to watch the sun set over the Bungle Bungles.

The car park for the Kangkalahayi Lookout.  Our car is the one parked under the tree at the right.

I just love this picture of one of the many cockatoos we have seen.  He/she was part of a group of about 30 just to the right of the car park and I had to go get some pics.  I am sure this guy is a reincarnation of Charlie Chaplin and should be on the stage, just needs a top hat and cane :)


To the right of the Bungle Bungle Range and while we were waiting for the beautiful red of the sunset this rock off to my right caught my eye, what a great face <g>.

This next picture could be anywhere, but look at the colours - magnificent.  We are still waiting for the sun to set and enjoying a beer sitting on one of the benches.  This was the view to the left of us and shows the tufty grass bundles that provide one explanation as to how the Bungle Bungle Range gets it's name.

I can't remember what type of bird this is and the pamphlet is in the car but what a fine specimen.

The sun is going down now and time to turn the cameras onto the Bungle Bungle Range.

And to finish for today as sunset <g>

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