Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sept 23

What to do, being a great believer in fate we are obviously not meant to be on the roads today for some reason on another.  We were all packed and ready for the off this morning, just had to go get some more food supplies when Alan discovered the fridge in the vehicle was not working.  A quick call to Britz who told us to go a particular garage to get it checked out.  Fair enough, the fridge must be working or we are in a pickle, hopefully it is the second battery in the vehicle which the fridge used that needs replacing.  An hour later and no it was not the battery, that was working fine, maybe it needs more gas.  Another call to Britz and off to the Refrigeration specialist. Another hour later, yes he could fix it but was waiting for authorization to go ahead. He suggested we leave our food in his freezer and he would give us a ring when it was ready - good plan.

Now back to the Lakeside View Motel (this place is becoming a second home to us) and check in for another night.  Good stuff, with only having checked out this morning they did not bother with all our details again.  They were going to give us our room back, No.15 but it was not quite ready so we are next door in room 16, as they said a change of scenery lol.  The only difference is the room is reversed :)

Still no phone call from the refrigeration guy so time to go see what is happening.  Crap, refusal to fix it by company and they are sending another unit which won't be here till tomorrow afternoon. Alan is chomping at the bit, time to get on the phone and complain.

So there you have it, been nowhere, done nothing so no photos of todays antics. All being well things will be sorted by tomorrow and if luck is on our side in the morning and not the afternoon.  Off now to get another case of stubbies 'cans of beer' to put in the car.

Night night folks.


  1. Hope you are now on your way - with a working fridge!!! How lucky were you that it did not break down when you were away from civilization . Anyway, have a great time Love you loads xxx

  2. Yep lucky it broke down here I agree. Fixed now so we are sorted.
    Love you loads too xxxx


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