Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 13

Waking up this morning to the stillness, only the few birds around chattering, yes I could get so used to this.

The video has taken ages to upload, I have a few more that I have taken but am going to have to give the uploading a miss I think.

The tent is still standing and the fly net kept all the beasties out, not that there are many around.  We have the can of bug spray ready for any mosquitoes that are intent on being a nuisance but have only used it a few times so far.  Time for a relaxing day, no traveling, just siting watching nature go by in our hidden location.

Alan contemplating our next move

We donned our walking boots at one point and headed up the river to see if there was an even better spot to camp, Alan had heard water gushing up-stream so that is where we headed to investigate.
Jane clambering over rocks to the waterfall

What a long walk, about 300 meters, the gushing water sounds were from a white water rafting area, well at least white water rafting if you were the size of a mouse <g>.  The waterfall was all of 10cm high :)
The waterfall!!!

Then for our long walk back home and contemplate what to cook for dinner, what shall we have, sausages, eggs, bacon, chicken or a pot noodle.  Bet you can guess which one won, yep the pot noodle.  I did cook the sausages, perfect cold food to eat and better to preserve them, they should last 3 or 4 days.  We have all this food with us and neither of us are particularly hungry, it would appear nature is satisfying our appetite. 

Alan rigged up the solar shower and we have found a better entry point into the river so out came the shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc.  Nice dip in the river then up on the bank for a soaping then a few buckets of water thrown over each other to rinse off, just like a couple of big kids playing around.  Back to the car once the soap was off for a shower, not really needed as the river water is so warm and clean.  Sorry no pics of our water antics, the cameras were being kept safe and dry and I think they would have been X rated anyway <g>.

We will pack up and head out of here tomorrow to Mitchell Falls before we get too comfortable and become illegal immigrants gone bush <g>.

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