Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 19

We don't know what to do today, it is Sunday and our last day.  Everything has been explored and our hearts sated I think. We went up to Teachers Pool again, seemed like a good place to go for a cuppa even if it is a long drive over tons of rocks.  No swimming, no energy, feeling totally lazy.  Thought of a LUSH bath keep entering my head but that is going to have to wait for a very long time.  I might get a chance for a hot bath before leaving OZ but no counting on it <g> (and I don't really care one bit, I am just loving the experience of camping outdoors, seeing the stars and hearing the birds without all the extra buzzes of electricity, children screeching, neighbours shouting, music playing etc). 

We had a look for some more rock art but that was proving to be rather an effort too, got the Sunday feeling for sure so a lazy afternoon back at the camp for us and a chance for me to once again get this blog up to date before heading out tomorrow and back to Kununurra, a long drive as we plan to get there in one stretch, about 550 kilometers of corrugated road.  I still have photographs to upload to the computer and sort out and I only have 15% battery power left.  Alan is charging his camera battery at the moment and then it will be my turn with the charger.  I should get everything ready by the end of today to upload the info to the blog tomorrow night or the next day.

So what did we do?
While Alan dipped his rod again I played with the camera on the hunt for birds
Alan having one last go in this area to catch supper
The rocks are everywhere, small ones, large ones and big chunks like this setup
We are constantly being told to watch out for the 'salties' but these are the only crocs we have found!!! I am beginning to wonder if the locals are saying "watch out for the rocks" not the 'crocs' <g>
A last look at our campsite from the beach
And the sun went down on our last day here
This last picture has a bit of a story.  My nice cool white cotton bra has had it.  One of the wire support has been shaken out by the rough roads and I have washed it once too often in the rusty water and now it is beyond being wearable.  Having heard of the times in the 60's when many folks 'burnt the bra' I have decided I should do the same.  Alan lit a fire to burn the last of our rubbish and what is left of his stinky bait which is really ponging now and I will 'burn my bra' <g>.  Excuse the pic of me, being know not to wear too many clothes and not having got round to putting my sarong on yet I have been caught in action.  Alan was not meant to get me in the pic :)

Bed time, early start in the morning, night all.

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