Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept 24

Waking up this morning we were wondering if Britz would really manage to get a fridge to us so we can be on our way tomorrow morning.  We were kept in suspense for the whole day.  What to do to pass the time.  I think Alan's wallet need emptying a bit <g>.  We went back to the Sandalwood Factory, their hair conditioner is rather nice so I have bought some more and some other bits and bobs.  Unfortunately we only have 20 kilos of luggage allowance on the internal flight (I have 52 kilos for the flight back to KSA so craft shops beware in Brisbane <g>) so the spending is being curbed dramatically.  Today, what the heck, post the stuff directly, don't look at the bill :) 

Next, ummmmmmm, only 9:30am, OK fishing, so back to Ivanhoe Crossing.  Nice one Alan, he caught a Baramundi.  To keep your 1 fish allowance it must be 88cm or over.  The one Alan caught had a mouth bigger than it's stomach (the spinner was almost as big as it was) needless to say it was dehooked and allowed to live another day.  We will still be having fish for dinner as that is the special back where we are staying so winners all round I would say.

The afternoon was spent back at the motel waiting for the mobile to ring, which it didn't.  I was starting to chomp at the bit and ready to give Britz a mouthful.  Consolation in a book, yep, I have read a book in three days, not the one I have been carrying round with me for the past 18 months and has been to the UK twice and is now with me in OZ but one Dianne left behind - thanks Dianne.

We went back to the refrigeration guy at about 3, I had everything crossed.  If the fridge was not there we would be in a bit of a pickle, it is now the start of a long weekend, something to do with the Queen's birthday which would mean we would be stuck here until at last Tuesday.  All is well that ends well, a fridge was waiting for us, our chicken is safe and the beer is now getting cold.  Last night tonight in the motel and we will head out early tomorrow morning, only got to give the car a drink.

Right folks that is you all up to date again.  Not sure when next on line but keep checking back. 

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  1. Pleased all sorted for you now. Hope the next stage of your adventure goes as brilliantly as last week's. Take care and love you loads xxxx


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