Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 18

Up bright and early this morning, before we go anywhere, we, meaning Alan, has to clean out the fridge.  Our open tin of pineapple juice has delivered most of its contents to the floor of the fridge, the mike cartons have soggy bottoms and we are wondering about the state of the dozen eggs we have been carrying round since we left Darwin.  Three eggs have survived and while Alan cleans up the soggy mess I am going to cook the sausages then make fried egg sandwiches - yummy.  Grandpa came down to see us and asked if we know how long we were staying, so far we have paid one day at a time, keeping to our plan of making no plans <g>.  Today we have broken that and paid up for two more nights, we seem to be having a holiday within a holiday here.  Apart from the rusty garbage we keep finding this place is awesome, quiet and lots of sunshine,

Off to fish now.  We have explored several locations along the river, truly beautiful but very very rocky.  Poor Alan keeps losing his bits <g>.  So far one spinner, a weight and a couple of hooks.  There are plenty fish nibbling the bait but nothing biting.  Time to try the barge port area, maybe it is a little less rocky.

While Alan pottered around doing his rod dipping again I got out the paint pad and watercolors.  With the wind blowing and this only being my second attempt at a landscape and first from real life it was rather challenging, I doubt I could sell the end product for many millions but it is recognizable so all in all a pretty acceptable afternoon for me but alas still no fish for supper.  I have to add here the old saying 'I caught one this big but it got away' :)

This is what I was attempting to paint!
At our last fishing location we found a few Aborigines with lines in the water, maybe we would be lucky here.  I was captivated watching an elderly woman with a few lines (no rods) and a fishing net sitting on a rock under a bush.

She didn't catch anything but watching her throw her net then sit and wait or tug on a line to see if anything had taken the bait brought back many memories of Nigeria and the fishermen in their canoes.  Still no fish for us, spaghetti bolognese on the menu and I have promised to cook it.  The cheese was found by the way, just in case you are interested to know what happened to it.  It didn't make the fridge and is a melted blob but we put it back in the fridge anyway just in case we needed it for dinner tonight due to all the fish that got away <g>
One of the many bees nest we have seen in the area
And a beautiful flower instead of a sunset <g>

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