Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 2 Chapter 2

After that fabulous jacuzzi bath last night, a good nights sleep and bacon and eggs for breakfast we were ready to set out on our first adventure – Byron Bay.  Byron Bay Lighthouse is the most easterly point in OZ so we did the tourist thing and went there to take the obligatory photos.  Thanks to the Lonely Planet I found out the streets of Byron Bay were named after our romantic poets – Shelly etc by accident.  The person naming the streets thought Byron Bay was named after Lord Byron and he thought he would keep the theme going.  Alas, Byron Bay was actually named after Lord Byron’s Grandfather, an intrepid traveler of times gone by.  The lighthouse was build in 1901.
Alan being a tourist at Byron Bay Lighthouse

The Byron Bay Lighthous is perched on top of a cliff jutting out to sea and again, what a magnificent view.

Now that's a beach - and hardly anybody there.
I was well chuffed with this pic of a a bird, it is actually in focus.
The camel you see perched on the sign is Kamal, and I have a wee project up my sleeve regarding him.

While we were sitting at the lookout point by the Most Easterly Point sign we conquered the mobile phone connectivity and called Skippy.  I am still having problems believing we are here.

After the Lighthouse we poodled along the road to a Nature Reserve for a walk, ‘Broken Head Sanctury’, keeping eyes peeled for the kangaroos and koala’s.  None here, only a two legged animal of the human variety.   Well there were a couple <g> two of them nestled up together in a little clearing (wonder what they were up to!!).  What views from here too, looking back over we could see the Lighthouse and to our right Lennox Head (I think).  Golden sands, waves crashing on the rocks, a cool breeze and sounds of nature – magic.  We saw a whale passing by at this point but no photos.
There were a couple of caves that we could see, a smugglers paradise.

Next we clambered back through the bush and rather steep climb to the car, Alan and I were rather impressed with ourselves managing that <g>.   We headed a little further down the road ending up at a beach, Alan assures me the water was pretty warm, I though about going paddling but didn’t fancy sandy feet at this point in time.  It was still quite early so our next stop was Nimbin. En-route there through more winding roads and stunning views we heard this rather tinny noise – our hub cap had fallen off.  What a lovely person I am volunteering to walk back downhill to find it.  The hub cap is now safely tucked away in the boot, they can have it back when we return the hire car.
The hill the hub rolled down.

Found it!!!
  Finally we arrived at Nimbin just in time to grab a coffee and asked the snack bar person to make our sandwiches as take-away, they were for our dinner later on along with a 6 pack.  A fun place, to visit, one street of brightly coloured shops, dreadlocks, misfits and parrots. It did not take long to investigate the shops, easy when you are not a shopper <g>. 
I think that pretty much sums it up.
This chappy was sitting on a wall along with about 10 of his mates.  Absolutely stunning.
We are just back from spending the afternoon with Skippy, she looks wonderful.  Had planned to do this on the car journey down but the laptop battery died on me, how frustrating is that :) 

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