Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept 5

Well we are still in Coff's Harbour, one rapid change of plan.  We were meant to be heading to Brisbane yesterday but got kind of comfy sitting in the sun and ended up staying another day here.  Another of those days where we have not ventured anywhere just chatted with Skippy.

Have managed a couple of pics of a roo, taken just down the road from Skippy's house where Dianne was staying.  Apparently they invade Skippy's garden regularly but I have not seen one there yet (must be something to do with the big white marquee).

This is the view Dianne woke up to every morning from her cabin - spectacular.
The kangaroo just down the road from Skippy's house.
And here she is again with her joey - ahhhhhhhhhh
There was an art gallery just by Dianne's cottage, had to look in there (again).  We had been the day before and there was a wooden bowl that shouted at me - buy me.  I was so impressed with myself and I think Alan was too as I resisted.  Today I thought it would be a good idea if Dianne bought it so I could go and see it when I visit her back home but she had her eye on something else so - need I go on <g>.  Alan had already guessed by the length of time we were away that we had gone to the gallery and I would buy the bowl, he knows me too well.  It seemed like it was meant to be, Dianne was heading back home and did not have much luggage, having so kindly offered to carry the bowl home for me I was left without my most valid excuse for not buying it and could not help myself.  It is a real beauty made from the Red Gum Tree.  The guy in the gallery had forgotten about the bowl and it had been in his store for 10 years only seeing the light of day just before my arrival.  It was so obviously meant to be MY BOWL <g>.

Right, off now to pile in the shower, nip along to Skippy's for a quick good-bye and head up the coast to Brisbane and find a motel for the night.  We will sort out getting to Darwin tomorrow.  See you later folks.


  1. Too late for a pic of your meant to be" bowl? Sounds gorgeous. Hope you have friends all along your planned route to get all your souvenirs back!! Any you want in the UK you could have sent to me --- I'll have to open them - to check they survived transit you understand . Anyway, keep having a great time. Love you loads xxxxxx

  2. Thanks for the offer of address for souvenirs, so far only got the one and that is on its way thanks to Dianne. Next souvenir is a boomerang from the outback Love you loads too xxxx


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