Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 3 Chapter 2

The River Tweed or saying as we are down-under they have called it Tweed River

We knew when we arrived in OZ and traveled to Wollongbar that we would be crossing the Tweed River at Tweeds Head but due to our 'scenic' route we missed it, so today we headed out to hunt the river down.  Our poor wee hire car, I don't think it knows what has hit it, off tarmac driving, pretty high climbing into the mountains - great fun.

En-route we stopped at a place called Mt. Burrell (I am not sure but it was close to the place we took the above picture from so I am guessing that is Mt Burrell).  Shows how advertising pays, we kept seeing signs for strawberries etc along the road edge, by the time we found the wee store my mouth was watering and I had to go get some.  They weren't that spectacular but the coffee at the new age cafe was excellent.  I love this pic of Alan, a very relaxed Alan <g>

Next stop the Tweed River
What a pretty we spot of the river.  After parking the car about a 100m up the road and away from the corner we trundled on down to the wooden bridge.  I should have pinched Alan's pics here, there was an amazing flock of parrots and Alan had his telephoto lens so you can imagine what the pics are like - out of this world.  Alas I was being lazy and only had my wee camera with me, more intent on getting pics of the Tweed.  So here we are, the Tweed River, nearer its source than its mouth <g>.
looking to my right
Looking to my left

We must have taken a ton of photos in this area as the light was changing rapidly.  It was a really pretty spot, great for a picnic on another occasion.  The vegetation we are finding is something else, I am enthralled by these leaf parasite things I keep finding on the trees.

We saw a sign indicating there was a viewing point for the Tweed Valley so headed off to find that.  No luck but we did find some stunning property, some of it for sale.  We were a little tempted to check out the for sale property but no point in creating a downer knowing you can't have it, better to laugh it off and continue on your way which we did. One too many of the roads we took ended up being somebody's private road so time to set the sat nav to 'home' and that wonderful jacuzzi bath <g>, and would you believe it we found the River Tweed again, looking far more like what us 'Berwickers' are used to minus the three bridges.
Tweed River at Murwillumbahe
There we are, mission accomplished, Tweed River Tweed found and logged.

Tomorrow we head off to Skippy's at Coffs Harbour.

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