Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 12

Our hideaway (road to Kalumburu)

What a wonderful nights sleep, no car horns, no electric lights, no TV, no noise.  Time for another cup of tea and a quick chat with the custodians and bless their cotton socks they gave us the information needed to find a redundant campsite which they used to go to, by a river with a 'pool' to swim in and not a soul about. 
One of the many termite mounds

Back on the corrugated road, hang a right onto the Kalumburu Road and look for landmarks, as they said, "if you can find it, you can use it". It would have been so much easier if they had said after anthill 9,999 turn left <g>, we are seeing so many termite mounds everywhere we look now. Another pit stop at the Drysdale River Station for coffee, this is a little oasis in the middle of nowhere and obviously a major stopping point to rest ones bum and allowed it to recover from the effects of vibrating chairs.

A dogs life!!

We found it after a few wrong turns and following instructions to ignore the 'No Camping' sign (one of the many we are seeing on our journey) perfect, shady, quiet except for birds, fresh water river slowly meandering by (King Edward River), dragonflies and the sun shining and no sign of humans.

How beautiful is this?
Now for the epic task of trying to put up our tent, Alan was cursing left, right and center at the tent design, it is one of those really simple dome ones with a fly net inside to keep us bug free.  By the time we had finished it didn't look great but was possible to sleep in.  It would have helped if all the tent pegs were there, unfortunately there are just enough for the fly tent part and so the top cover of the tent is only held in place with a four velcro tabs over the two poles and the guy ropes. No worries, they say practice makes perfect, we can only get better. 

Stupid Aussie tent made in China <g>

Lamps on, bed made, dinner organized (a cold pre-cooked chicken) and another Vodka and Red Bull while the sun set then a couple of hours watching the stars, how wonderful the sky is without light pollution.  This is a little bit of heaven.

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