Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept 8

Right I have made a hugely conscious effort to get some pics for today.  It is a bit difficult as we are sorting all the things we need for the big adventure and so nothing exciting to take photos of.  We have managed to get our 4 wheel drive vehicle, not quite what we wanted and with this one we have to sleep outside in a tent :) Now that could be quite interesting <g>.  Also got camping chairs, extra fuel and water containers, first aid extras, torches, spade etc, the rest of the items will come with the vehicle so tomorrow we will find out if there is anything else we need.  We also got our walking boots, big heavy things but they will protect our feet from lots of sharp rocks, sticks and other nasties.  Also on the shopping list was all the maps we need so spent most of the afternoon planning a route, yep, everything left to the last minute and flexible.  All we have to do for sure is return the vehicle at Alice Springs on October 8th.

OK, so for today's pics we went down to the wharf where they sell food, mostly Indonesian for dinner, a beer and to watch the sun go down.
A rather smart boat!!!
What a nice boat, bet that cost a bob or two <g>.  Most folks at the wharf sat on the side facing out to sea but far too many of them for our liking.  We found you could sit at the other side too and look back on some high rise apartments, a crane and the small boat harbour, but this was the side the sun came down on too.  Next, to keep you happy is a picture of me enjoying a beer before we got dinner.  The sun coming down certainly gives a good tan.
After that we went to order dinner, all freshly cooked while you wait.  They have a neat system to let you know your dinner is ready, you are given a beeper which vibrates when they trigger it off summoning you to come get your grub.  Alan and I both had Singapore Noodles Combo (not that there was much Combo in it lol, 2 prawns, something resembling chicken and rather odd beef).  However, the taste was awesome, lots of chillies.
My dinner, tummy rumbling just looking at it.
Rather nice plates was going through my mind and wondering how I could sneak them out.  Plastic too so I would not break them so easily when I dropped them.
You can imagine my smile when I saw what was printed on the plate hidden under my dinner, I guess many people before me have had the same thought about giving the plates a new home.  And then the sun came down over the harbour.

Ok folks, I am off for a shower now then bed.  Up early in the morning hopefully to go get the vehicle, do a load of washing and then final shopping.


  1. lol re plates!!! Hope all shopping for your big adventure goes well - bet that's your least favourite part of your Australian trip!! Thank you for including pic of yourself I don't think I've every seen you and Alan looking so relaxed and carefree - (and dare I add - young!)Australian life looks good for you. What do you think of me wearing burnt orange for upcoming Autumn wedding? Designed around my special Christmas gift!!! Love you loads and thinking of you both lots xxxxx

  2. Yep relaxed for sure, or at least we were yesterday. All the nasty shopping today once we got the vehicle, sent Alan out of the supermarket while we were at checkout for a cigarette, a big trolly full of tins, pasta, noodles, water, seasonings, loo rolls, tin foil and just about anything else you can think of including clothes line and pegs. We have just go in from trying to find food, first place we planned crowded, headed back to where we were last night, no parking places so McDonalds had to do. Time to get out of here and find some peace and quiet.
    Burnt Orange - yes I like that, good colour and very courageous . Go for it .
    LOL xxxxxx


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