Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 4 Chapter 2

Wollongbar to Coffs Harbour

Right I am almost up to date.  Poor Alan, he is being ever so patient with me while I do this.  Not much in the way of photos today as we came down to Coffs Harbour via the Pacific Highway and a highway is pretty much the same in any part of the world. 

Once we had turned off the Pacific Highway we saw the start of a forest fire, the fire brigade and cops were already there putting out the blazes.  Nothing dramatic but it does bring to light just how easy it is here for a fire to get out of hand.  We are being very good carrying round a traveling ashtray (thanks Mum) it has been worth it's weight in gold so far.

Everything has been pretty easy so far but finding Skippy's has been something else, no Skippy does not live IN Coffs Harbour <g>, NOR Emerald Beach but in a place not initially found on the sat nav.  A quick call to Will for directions and voila, found and now bookmarked. 

We are staying in a rented house right on the beach at Woogoolga (try saying that drunk) with Skippy's mum, big sister and three kids, our room is just off from the house and absolutely perfect.

The house where we are staying, our room is round the back
View from the bottom of the driveway
Coming back from Skippy's house last night which is about 7km  from where we are staying we got caught behind a horrible accident.  It must have just happened as they were in the process of closing the road.  We were directed up the back way to get to Woogoolga but kept ending up once again at peoples houses so gave up and came back to the road end where we waited along with a bunch of other folks for 4 1/2 hours until the road was reopened.  It was a fatal accident, ones heart goes out to those who were hearing the dreadful news.  We found out there had been another fatal accident further up the road in the direction we had just come from and a 10km back load of traffic at that side.  Not a good night.  We got back to our bed at 3am this morning and did not open our eyes till almost 11am.

Thursday, 2nd Sept

We don't have many plans to move today, Alan keeps nodding off so I will let him sleep.  The washing machine has been a busy little bee and is already on it's second load, the sun is shining and there is a slight breeze so everything will dry quickly outside.  We are heading back to Skippy's at 5:30 for a BBQ and then tomorrow is the big day, Skippy becomes a Mrs <g>.

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  1. Following your adventure brilliant, photos wonderful - can't wait to see all next time you in UK- lovely to see Alan so relaxed - what about a pic of you please? Will be thinking of you all very especially tomorrow - I imagine the wedding will be very special Love you loads and loads xxxxx


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