Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 20

We were packed up and ready for the off at a good time in the morning.  I am really sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place of tranquility especially as we are heading back to civilization, fast food, TV, tarmac, electricity, shops etc.  I will hold Kalamburu in a special place within my 'memory box', it has been bliss to find a location which has met all our requirements and given us the opportunity to once again be at one with nature.

It was a pretty uneventful drive, we stopped at the Drysdale Station again and with it being lunch time had a toastie and a cup of tea.  Then it was on our way again to the bottom of the road and turn left onto the Gibb River Road.  We saw a bit of wildlife on the way, cattle and two wallabies but that was it.  Going round a corner the vehicle decided it needed a break and we got what we thought was a flat tyre, bummer, not funny to change with a crappy jack and a three and a half ton vehicle on a nobbly road.  Getting out to have a look, well we could smell it before we saw it, a blow out.  The tyre was totally shredded.  While Alan, bless his cotton socks, changed the tyre I made a cup of tea, it was the least I could do.

On our way again with the sun setting, the Cockburn Range were a picture of reds and golds.  I imaging this is what Uluru is going to look like without all the trees.  This range looks like the top half has been pushed up in one fell swoop, awesome.

Back to Kununurra early evening and to the Lakeview Motel where we stayed before heading up north.  Tomorrow the tyre needs fixing, my camera needs fixing and the sat nav needs fixing <g> not been a good day technology wise lol.

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