Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 7

Well here I am again all ready for bed in our motel in Darwin, yet we are now in the Northern Territory,  Sorry there are no pics again today, just another day of traveling, airports, queues and flying.  It really has not been that bad, Brisbane airport is quite small and easy to find your way around and Darwin is even smaller.  I had my usual panic of how heavy my case is remembering one time in the past having an 800 pound excess baggage bill (we thought we could claim most of it back as our yearly re-pat allowance hence the excess weight but the company changed the policy and we did not know lol).  Alan's case went on first and was dead on 20 kilos, then I held my breath when mine went on, big sigh of relief 19.5 kilos :)  Now I know I can travel light <g>.

All checked in, cases out of our care, grab a couple of lattes then nip outside to build up the nicotine before going cold turkey for 5 hours.  Oh how I had baggage class, big sardines in a little tin <g>.  The flight to Darwin was about 150 quid so no complaints considering the distance.  Budget airline where one buys the sandwiches and drinks on the plane but it got use here in one piece with pennies to spare.

Our only grief - I am all itchy.  A couple of days ago I started getting a rash on my belly and back, thought I had walked into a plant or something but all the exposed bits are fine.  I now suspect the laundry service back in ABQ have changed their washing powder <g>.  Getting sorted now with some pine gel to wash in and a bunch of anti-histamines.  Maybe my white belly and red rash are in support of being British lol.  I do smell like a pine tree though with the pine gel :)  One funny bit, was having my shower and found I still had my sunglasses attached to my head, isn't that just so stupid but it did make me chuckle and I was very thankful no cameras took a picture as evidence of me having lost my marbles.

Darwin certainly reminds me of Africa, tree lined streets, palm trees etc but we have not found a pot hole in the road yet and the streets are so clean (so far).  The climate today has been like being in Mombassa, hot (38 degrees) and humid.  It is lovely tonight, no wind and around 24 degrees.  I am loving this country more and more each day, hope I love the outback and camping as much as I think I will.

Tomorrow we are on a purchasing spree,  need to add a few more things to the medical kit like snake-bite bandages lol, better be prepared for everything than caught on the hop.  We will also be checking out the 4 wheel drive vehicles and camping equipment needed for camping in the outback,    must also get walking boots and a Crocodile Dundee hat for Alan.  Plan to stay in Darwin for 3 sleeps then head off to areas of little humanity or signs of civilization.

Right that's it for tonight folks, will post again tomorrow and hopefully have a pic or two for you.

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