Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 16

Today we are going adventuring, we have the booklet with us which we were given when we did the permit registrations etc.  It shows that in this area there are five viewing points of the river, a couple of B25 planes that crashed in WWII when the place was used as an air base, Teachers Pool where you can go swimming, Nalawari Fall just a little further up from the pool, the old mission settlement of the Benedictine monks at Pago before they moved here to Kalumburu in 1932.  First I have to get the blog up to date <g>.

Off to Andy's Dunny next, complete with shower and tap for washing whatever.  Lovely warm water and a cracking colour - rusty brown, but who cares, water is water and it is fine for what we need it for.

Swimming, that sounds nice so off we headed to find the pool.  There are no signs here indicating where to go, just a map which is only helpful in getting a rough location.  With so many tracks everywhere it is a case of heading in the right direction then exploring each track till we find the right one. 

Teachers Pool is lovely, deep and warm, well worth the effort of finding the place. 

After about an hour swimming around time to retrace our footsteps to the car and head on further up the hills to find the waterfall.  Alan's driving is amazing, he is taking the vehicle to places I would not dare, at times my heart is in my mouth, big rocks, sharp rocks, holes, ant hills, trees, more and more rocks - real fun stuff.  Wildlife is rather scarce, I saw the tail of what I think was a dingo at Teachers Pool but apart from that there are only a few birds around, a few insects and no crocs yet. 

It is a bit of a pity there is no water worth speaking of at the waterfall, I can imagine after the rains it is spectacular, another hidden gem.  No need to go swimming again so we just pottered around taking in the breathtaking beauty of the place and capturing what we can with the cameras.

The end of the day brought a fish supper, Mayonnaise and a bit of salt on the outside, wrapped in tin-foil and cooked on an open fire, food fit for kings, it was delicious.

Our campsite
Look how good we are now at putting up the tent
And yet another amazing sunset


  1. not a bad effort.......3 days to learn how to put a tent up lol.
    Lve you both and i'm glad you are having an amazing time. keep relaxing :-)

  2. Hey, they tent is a cracker, Aussie special 'made in China'. It had instructions but we now have a far better technique. It is meant to sleep four comfortable but that must be four wee folks, not four full grown adults lol. It only took us one attempt to work out how to put the folding chairs up, do we get brownie points for that . Love u lots too xx


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