Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 2

Not a lot to say today, we have been pretty quiet, just getting things sorted for our next adventure starting tomorrow morning.  Took a quick drive out to a couple of places close by which are in the opposite direction to what we are heading in the morning.

First stop was the Visitor Center, helpful lot and we are now all sorted with the permits we need for the next few days.  I had to laugh at the bin outside the center, somebody has really used their initiative!!!!

I had to check to see if the ashtray was really attached or just put there by some kindly smoker in the past, (you can just see it in the photo, top rear left on the bin), yes it was attached btw.

Next stop was on the Ross Highway to the south east of Alice, Emily's Gap where we knew there were some rock paintings.  A 15 minute stop there was all that was needed.

Nice pic of Alan, he saw the camera on him a moment earlier and told me to beep beep <g>
A view of the gap and boy was the water cold that we had to walk through to get to this side.
Next stop was just down the road, Jessica's Gap.  Not a lot to see but on the way out we caught these two making out <g>
I think this is a really cracking picture.
 We did go further down the road to see Corroboree Rock but got out the car and back into it within a couple of minutes.  I guess we have been spoilt with the wonderful sights we have seen so far and today's was not a patch on any of them.  It was then back to our lodgings to once again get the washing done and potter around sorting the vehicle.  I have cooked up another 16 sausages which should keep us going for the next few days and tonight I made spagetti bolognaise again in one pan.  Not bad going, we have full bellies at the moment, are enjoying a cup of coffee then it is an early night so we get away at a reasonable time tomorrow morning.

Sorry it is such a short blog, no point in writing when I don't have much to say.  Just an update though on the Kimberley Hotel in Halls Creek, they have still not got back to me so I am on the rampage <g>.

Keep the comments coming, I love reading what you have to say about the blog :)

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  1. Can we come out round the 25th ish, will fit in better with Russell being home to take me to the airport and pick me up?????? xxxx


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