Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oct 12

Getting the blog up to date before leaving Boulia
 We left Boulia at about 9am heading along the Min Min Way to Winton.  The Min Min Way is famous for the Min Min Lights, we didn't see them, maybe that was because we traveled during daylight <g>.  However, we did see emu's and several strange effects with the odd mountain or two probably due to the flat land and heat rising from it. 

We stopped off for another coffee break at one of the roadside stopping places, this was a fun one with loads of messages written on the water storage container by fellow travelers.  Somebody has a sense of humour, is this ET on the Min Min Way I wonder <g>.

Next stop for coffee was at another view point, this one was explaining how we were traveling across a sea which used to exist many moons ago.  One of the activities mentioned on the blurb written there was to 'Imagine you are standing on an island in the middle of the huge Eromanga Sea with crocodiles and Ichthyosaurs around you looking for a meal.  Enjoy the view'.  So here you are, you can now do the exercise too.

On arriving at Winton we went to the Tourist Office located in the Waltzing Matilda Center to get our fossicking permit for Queensland, yes we are still trying to find our millions.  This area has a abundant supply of opals, I wonder if we will be lucky.  It is going to take us a day or two to get to the opal fields near Toompine.  Winton was not an overly friendly place, we really felt like visitors who were in the way, we did manage to get a lovely cup of coffee and then made a rapid exit.

I did learn today that Winton is also the birthplace of the famous song, Waltzing Matilda, by Banjo Patterson and also the birthplace of the Quantas Airline.  Quantas then moved it's location to Longreach which is where we now are, tucked up in another motel called Jumbuck

More straight roads and flat land, it just seems to go on and on.

The rain (left overs from the Brisbane floods) is on it's way and what a fabulous sky, a rainbow that seemed more like a wide prism with the sunset bouncing of the clouds.

 Wonderful, when I looked in the bathroom there is a bath, I have not seen one of these inventions since leaving Woolongbar some 6 weeks ago.  Guess where I spent some time after we had eaten dinner!!!!!!

Back in our room before having my bath we sat outside with our friendly visitor <g>

In closing the blog for today another sunset picture, this one was taken at the same time as the clouds and rainbow picture above, just looking in the opposite direction.


  1. Wow, I can find no other word!!!! I'm speechless!! Just imagining standing on an island surrounded by crocodiles and Ichthyosaurs - Waltzing Matilda as subtle background music whilst choosing the ideal site to found Bradshaw Drive - along the lines of the miner's hut you borrowed sounds in keeping to me - no stairs to worry about!! Alan, I've always been aware of your driving skills but seeing where you are taking your Britz 4x4 - well, I think you are achieving the impossible. I'm sure that your courage is making this holiday such an incredible experience. Hope your fossiking pays off for you - I tried with the euro lottery on Friday - 126million. Got very excited when I heard that 1 Brit won - alas, not me - sorry!!!!! Wonder what's to come in the next few days?! Just enjoy!! Love you loads xxxx

  2. LOL - no joy yet with the fossicking but we will keep trying. Sorry this entry was a bit dodgy, the net or blogspot were playing up and I had to pack up before I could get it all sorted. Am sitting in a fossicking area now by a town called Yowah with a population of 126. We have no idea what to look for so just on the off chance (seeing a microwave tower about 4 km from here) I decided to see if there was a net connection - hurray. Alan is off to dig some more after his cuppa and I am going to sort the blog. I think I got the best deal . So here I am, sitting in the car, with the laptop connected to the engine and a cup of tea on the dashboard. OH yes, forgot to add my driving experience on the Plenty Highway (think that was the 10th) so will add that in too in case you want to go back and read it :) Lots of love Jane xxxxxx

  3. Edit was not 10th but 11th . Blog for 12 now complete too. xxxx

  4. Sorry I did not respond properly to your comments, been in a bit of a rush to try and get this blog up to date. I rather like you visualisation of the Eromanga Sea task . Ah, bless your cotton socks for trying the lottery, you have as much luck as we do at that sort of thing :) Right off now to upload another couple of days of travel. Lots of love xxxx


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