Monday, October 24, 2011

October 23

We were so comfortable tucked up in bed at Lyn's it was 8:30 before we managed to get up.  Maybe something to do with vodkarization the night before - Lyn is such a bad influence.  What a breakfast we had too, bacon, eggs, muffins, fruit, absolutly scrumptious and a good set up for the day.  We still have no idea where we are going, I keep getting the maps and books out but the choices are so many.  Do we head up the coast but risk spending lots of time with humans or do we head to  Kalgoorlie and then head north via desert land with few humans, we just can't decide.  Oh well, forget about that for now and get on the road. Our first job is to return to Britz as we need to get an ariel put on Winston, some previous hirer has managed to rip the present one off and we have no radio.  Now that is just not good enough, we want to hear our Aboriginal friend talk about folks on 'Sit Down Money' again <g>.

We left Lyn's around 11:30 and headed back to Perth, an hour and a half's drive.  Only one problem, even thougth Alan has updated the sat-nav's neither of them seem to know about the new road and both are insisting we turn off the freeway.  We relented in the end, fed up of the word 'recalculating' and did as were were told.  Fun yes, off the freeway, round several bends and then back onto the freeway, oh well, don't argue with technology.  Alan had set the sat-navs for 471 whatever road, the location of Britz but for the life of us could we find it, in the end I fired up the laptop and hooked up to the net for a quick confimation of the address, we had the right number but were in the wrong district, I think that explains why we could not find Britz.  Sat-navs reset and Britz found, and coffee needed desperately.

We gave Britz back their two broken plastic glasses they had packed for us - not much good to have the beer/vodka/wine leacking through the splits in theor sides before it made it to our mouths, and the table which is nothing but a pain in the butt.  Now for the aerial, I asked for a coat hanger to fix it but they did have something a little better although not much, another arial from a different make of vehicle - not Toyota.  Out with the plies, remove bits of casing etc and ram this new ariel into location.  No, that did not work and Winston was driven off into the operation room for further procedures.  Half an hour later we were told he had successfully survived the operation and we just needed to wait a further 10 minutes for the glue to dry.  2 cups of coffee and a hour later Winston was brought back to us complete with second hand aerial glued into place.  We think the chaps at Britz work of ASaudi time.

Now we really had to decide where to go, until now the idea was to go to Kalgoorlie but change of plan, the coast route called 'The Everlasting Trail' won the toss (althought we won't follow it exactly it is only a direciton to head in).  This is one of the flower trails and oh, how I love flowers.   Sat-navs set for a placce called Lancelin, an achievable distance to reach before it got dark.  20 minutes later after browsing the maps I found a bush camp at a place called Yachep, even closer than Lancelin so reset the sat-navs yet again and with smiles on our faces, with thought of a night under the stars we continued on our way.  

Alas, the bush camp no longer existed, the developers had been and the area, inside the Yanchep National Park, although beautiful, catered for day walks etc and had a couple of boarding places to stay at - no good.  Always worth popping into information centres and good job we did here, the lady was fabulous, we asked about their bush camping but she said they did not have any so I pointed out the blue tent icon on our map, she did not seem to know anything about bush camping in the area and thinks the blue tent icon is linked to an overnight place walkers can stay.  However, she told us of a few places further down the road we could bed down for the night.  With renewed smiles on our faces and many thanks we headed off again.  Very nice, the first place was a roadside camping/stopping area, drive on, the second place was beautiful and had a big sign saying 'No Camping', move on again and the third place we did not even bother to go to.  We don't want to sound ungrateful but we saw a sandy track heading off into nowhere and guessed nobody would follow us if we headed down it.  And now our adventure begins <g>.

What fun, we really have a feeling we are on holiday now and about to start finding the perfect locations to chill and the photos to tell our story start too.

What a lovely sandy track, what a lovely deep sandy track and guess what!!!!!

Down with the tire pressure and we are on our way again and in 4 wheel drive - hurray.  10 minutes later we found a little camping spot set up by a previous explorer but we could not turn in.  Now to look for a safe place to turn Winston around and low an behold 100 metres later we ended up on a main tarmac road, now how perfect is that.  Winston did a beautiful three point turn and we drove back to the wee camping spot and set up for the night.  Double blow up bed - check, sheets, pillows and sleeping bag - check, coffee - check, wood for fire - check, chairs - check and food.  All set.  Alan set to making the fire I acted as the well trained domestic and organized the kitchen to start cooking lamb burgers and make coffee.

Our kitchen, how brilliant is this, so much easier than
last year cooking on a stool.

This is the sign written on the cooker, I can't work out
how somebody could use this cooker inside Winston
when it is securely fixed on the outside.

A glass of whine (compliments of Britx) and a very wobbly Jane produced the most scrumptious lamb burger buttie and a cup of coffee.  Now the coffee is fun, we found coffee and milk in a tube, how cool is that.

It sounds much better than it tastes, it looks like it has coffee in it but I think it is made for those who want the look of coffee but not the taste.  With a teaspoon of regular coffee added it is quite acceptable though and did the trick.

Almost time to bed down for the night but just a little longer around the fire, gazing up at the stars.

Our first fire to sit around and marvel at the simple
things in life.

And, as in last years blog we will try to end each day with a picutre of a sunset, so here you are, the first sunset of this years vacation down under.
And the sun goes down on the eve of
October 23rd 2011


  1. Wow, your adventure really has begun. Winston looks incredible - what is the cooker run on??....Winston's battery? I hope Alan is going to take some photos of his 'domestic goddess' (you ) - I'd love to see you cooking up your dinner. Do you have an awning or something to protect your food in the remote chance of rain?? If not I'm envisaging you having lamb burger soup, sausage soup .......
    Yep, that's some sandy track you found, pity you are not in 'fossicking country' - I imagine Winston finding you a big diamond or sapphire in the depths of those tracks - well, at least Alan has the experience of disgorging big vehicles from desert sands. You did make the observation last year that you were only able to see the Australia you wanted to experience because of Alan's driving skills - I didn't imagine those skills being so necessary so early in your adventure. Whet stories and pictures for you to share with Jay as he grows up - imagine him going into school and telling his classmates about his Mimi and Gramps discovering Australia - that's his street cred sorted!!!!!
    On the home front, David is en route for his tour of duty, left at 4am UK time - and it was only this time last year that we were dressing in readiness for his and Rob's special day.
    I'm looking forward to the photos of the flowers you may well have found by now - I'm having trouble working out the time difference - after having a peaceful night's sleep under the stars.
    Have a great time treasure and my love to Alan.
    Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ah what a beautiful day, I felt relaxed just reading it (not the bit about digging Winston out of the sand) dinner, your fire, 2 of the best people in the world together sharing a wine, it doesn't get much better


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