Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just a quickie to pass the time yet again.  We have made it safe and sound to Dubai and are now tucked up in the lounge with coffee, orange juice and as much as we can eat.  Not that we are hungry, the first breakfast for today was super duper, cold meat salad and a big bowl of fresh fruit.

So what of our dilemmas so far.  We were 20 minutes late leaving ABQ thanks to Microsoft (no I can't blame Alan <g>) - Office decided it wanted to download and install updates on Alan's computer and he would not cancel :)  The causeway to Bahrain was a doddle, and we arrived at the airport just as checkin opened.  On the way we were trying to think of things we surly had forgotten to pack so here is the list, the flint thingy for making our own fires (when the lighters won't work) but Alan had a spare in the car so no grief there.  Alan's flip flops, probably cause they were on his feet all day and he did not bring them through from the bedroom after he had his shower and got dressed for traveling; and finally we have left our Aussie hats hanging on the wall behind the bar, now that's a bummer but it does mean we will have to buy 2 more <g>.  Maybe I will start collecting Aussie hats as well as Vodka shots glasses :)

As we were getting off the plane I had a fight with my bag with the laptops in which was perched rather precariously on top of my overnight bag and ended up yanking the end of the zip off - bummer, I don't feel like sewing!!!!  Manged to fix it with some white thread kindly provided by one of the staff at the desk.  If anybody sees Sarah let her know I will be coming running on my return to have it fixed properly.  Stupid me, I have two sewing kits with me but both are in the suitcase.

Our flight for Perth leaves in just over a couple of hours, I have my new bottle of Mademoiselle Coco so even without a shower I will smell gorgeous while out in the bush and I also have a new wrist support - just in case.

There you are, a full update.  The next time I write anything we will be in Perth killing time at the airport until Britz opens and we can collect our 4x4 vehicle.  Ooooooooo what fun, to think it is probably on the blocks right now being prepared to accompany us on another adventure.


  1. The app for the iphone is shit, lol. Hope your flight was not to rough :) i am sure there will be a red carpet for you when you pick up your luxury 4x4- solar shower? love you both and yeeeee ppppppppeeeeee you are in Auz take a deep breath and smell the fresh air xxxxx

  2. And by now you will have arrived in Perth - my first thought when I woke with a start at 2am UK time - imagining you passing through immigration, customs etc. Hope you had a good flight and are happy with your 'mobile home' for the next few weeks.I bet you are curled up in it as I write??? type. Anyway, have a great holiday. I'm off to meet David for lunch soon - he's off on Monday am. Love you both loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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