Monday, March 2, 2015

Full Candle Wrap Around Wrapper Video

Full Candle Wrap Around Wrapper:-

So many folks have asked how I make my candle wrappers and create the shine of the finished product.  It is a pretty lengthy process and I had thought of using photos to make the tutorial but that went on for ever and ever so instead, I have attempted to put the info into a video.  Be gentle with me, this is the first video I have made :)

Fingers crossed this will answer your questions.


  1. Your candles are so stunning and this video is great. So nice to hear your voice! Best, CG

  2. Eeeeeeee !!! This is just sooo AWESOME !!! The candle looks absolutely divine and your colouring is out of this world !!! Thank you so much for using my digis :-D
    I really don't think I would have the nerve to try this after spending all that time on the fabulous colouring, but OMG - these candles you make are STUNNING !!!

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. OH how FABULOUS! I've always wanted to try this and now, with the help of your fabulous video, I may just get up the nerve. Amazing coloring. Your candle is exquisite! Thanks so much for the wonderful video! xxD

  4. Hi Jane, I make lots of candles but have only ever decorated the front, or back and front - never a full wrap. Love the idea of the gloss so I will definitely be trying this! Thanks so much! Hugs Christine xx

  5. Hey meems - I have yet to watch this but am so excited! just on the phone with the phone company. I will write back after I watch it! Also meems, do you have a subscribe by email? I used to get your blog but haven't for the last few weeks???? Love ya xoxox

  6. Hey Jane, not sure what i enjoy more, listen to your voice or follow the video lol. In my head your voice was totally different hehe. Soooo nice to know and hear you my Friend. Fun to see how you making candles, i do my by coloring image then print. Thank you so much for the tutorial.
    Hugs Nat

  7. wow wow and wow again! that was a fantastic video. you are great at describing what you do and all that fancy shmancy writing on the are magic! i love the outcome. can you use wax paper on a digi image that is colored (not on a candle) to give it some sheen? I loved this. MORE VIDEOS!!!!! xox

  8. Jane, with your lovely coloring and artistic nature you make this look soooooo easy but I would find a way to flub it up. Love hearing your voice on the video and watching you work. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us you are a rock star. Hugs CraftyGirl :)

  9. Jane, what a beautiful candle and absolutely love your tutorial!!! So great to hear your voice. Lol Took notes and wrote down what I needed to get to do a candle with a colored image. Hope this works for me. lol Thanks again for sharing sweetie!!

  10. Seems the video isn't here anymore, was interested how you did it.


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