Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct 9

Alice Springs is starting to feel a bit like home, we can drive around here without using the SatNav. Alan can find the bank machines with ease and we know how to get to Coles (supermarket chain like Asda and Tesco in UK), they are about the only two things we need to know.  My poor had has been discarded, it has totally disintegrated and been assigned to the bin so I also had to get a new hat today and we needed more maps to cover the central  area and for Queensland, a quick trip to the Visitors center sorted the latter.  My hat we found in the mall so that was not too traumatic but it did not take long for us to need to escape, just as well we are fast shoppers!!!!.   Coles was much like any other supermarket, screaming children and queues, enough to set one off hunting out the Valium lol.

We decided on a very lazy day, out in the morning to get the supplies we need to continue our journey to Brisbane then back to the Desert Palms for an afternoon sleep.  Dinner tonight is once again sorted, after last nights meal we can't be bothered to go back out so pot noodles is on the menu and a film or two on the TV (hence no photos from me today) <g>.

Alice has it's 'Master's' on at the moment, I thought it was part of the 'Master's' golf tournament but it is not, it is like a mini games for fun with all sorts of activities.  Where we are staying we are right by the golf course though and at night Alan caught some of the firework display on camera.  So today, no sunset but instead Alan's contributions.

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