Friday, October 8, 2010

Oct 8

On our way again, heading back to Alice Springs.  We now had to make a decision, the vehicle is due back and our flexi plans need to have a proper direction.  OK, what are our choices, 1. Book flights to Perth, spend a few days with a good friend and explore South Australia, 2. Book a flight to Tasmania and explore there or 3. See if we can rent the vehicle for longer.  Decisions, decisions, decisions <g>.  Can you guess which one we have taken lol.  Perth, yep we would love to go but it is so far out of the direction we need to head with it being West and we depart from OZ from the East Coast so we have ruled this option out.  Tasmania, a place I have always longed to visit, the photography is supposed to be wonderful and I would love a Tasmanian Devil but it has to come from Tasmanian, just like tulips should be bought in Amsterdam!!!  The down side of Tasmania, cold, and we are struggling enough as it is at this latitude so heading so far south can only mean even colder.  Option 3, hire the car for longer, yep that is the one to check out.  On arriving at Alice Springs it was straight to the Britz office to see if either we can keep this vehicle for a further 10 days or was there something else we could hire.  I cannot recommend highly enough the way we have been treated by Britz here, the girl who was trying to sort things for us has bent over backward to sort the vehicle and get us the best possible deal, saving us about $300 dollars with the help of her manager, brilliant.  So there you have it, we have the vehicle for a further 10 days and have changed our destination drop off to Brisbane on the 19th, a couple of days before we are due to fly back to KSA, it all works wonderfully.  We have unloaded a bunch of equipment belonging to Britz which we either don't need or has not been used, 3 mattress things which are useless, their towels and sheets, the extra tent and the bucket with a crack in it.  In return they have given us a new bucket, 12 pegs for the tent so we don't have to use sticks any more and 3 forks as we seem to be losing them.

Sorry there are not pictures today, we had planned to stop at the meteorite conservation center but missed the road and when we realized and checked it was about 150 km behind us - lol.  We are now tucked up once again at the Desert Palms Resort enjoying another cup of coffee.  I will be netting it soon and uploading the blog, checking my email to see if Kimberly Hotel have bothered to reply yet and checking out things to see on our journey to Brisbane about 1700km east of where we are now.

Update on the Kimberley Hotel, they have still not replied but I also posted a review of the hotel on Trip Advisor which has now been accepted and published -

We have just had a lovely dinner at the Red Ochre Grill, delicious and I have now had my kangaroo, tasty but not as good as a steak :)  I am wondering why we never see wallaby on the menus, I imagine it would be pretty tender meat compared to a big red.


  1. I've been to heaven seeing your wonderful photos and reading all you have experienced - feel I am with you. Did you hear me shouting - "keep the vehicle, jeep the vehicle"?? I had such a lump in my throat seeing Ayres Rock through your eyes (lens ) Sorry not commented earlier - computer probs - (suiprise suprise I hear you say). Sorted now and Smile well happy - Dell donated to recycling!!!! Love you loads and loads - must get back to re-reading all your entries. xxxxx

  2. Good to have you back with us, I have missed your comments . Excellent news re Smile lol. About to get the blog updated again then we are pushing off, got to be out of here by 10am. Love you lots xxxx


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