Friday, October 8, 2010

Oct 7

We have decided not to head away from here today but stay another <g>.  The sun is shining this morning, the sky is blue even though clouds are about and after all, the pass to get into Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park is valid for 3 days,  Booked into Curtin Springs for another night we headed back to the Nation Park.  En-route we stopped at Yulura Tourist Village, Alan needed a bank <g>.  A very well laid our area for visitors with shops, post office, eating places, manicured lawns and 4 hotels offering different levels of accommodation from camping at about $34 per night to en-suite rooms at $930 per night (about 600 pounds sterling).  We have opted to stay at Curtin Springs which means a 90 km drive to the park but worth it just be be away from the masses of humanity and our en-suite is $140 a night.

With the sun shining and having explored Uluru yesterday, today we were very ambitious.  Generally the walks we have done have been around 2 to 4 km but with time to spare we talked the 'Valley of the Winds' walk.  Reading the bulb it is described as being not particularly arduous to but I wonder who they are saying that too, the general tourist or the avid walker.   The walking boots were donned again, the flasks filled with cranberry juice and cameras at hand we set off into the unknown.  I kept everything crossed that I would be able to do this walk, those who know me have a pretty good idea of my level of fitness.
'The track to Karu (1st) Lookout, 1.1 km from the carpark, is moderately difficult with some loose rocks to negotiate so please mind your step and wear sturdy footwear. The view is breathtaking and worth the little bit of effort. This lookout is also the closure point when the temperature reaches 36 degrees or greater.

The track to Karingana (2nd) Lookout, 2.7 km from carpark, is challenging and very steep in places but also worthwhile.
Down the other side but still not trusting the walking boots in helping me do this <g>
 The remainder of the Valley of the Winds Walk, 7.4 km complete circuit, takes you down between the domes, through creek beds and away from everyone and everything'.

Yes, we had to climb slopes like this <g>
The last incline before the car park came into view.
You can just see the car park in the dip in the middle of the picture, still a wee way to go.
 Wow, another awesome experience, I was so chuffed I had managed it and we completed the circuit in the the suggested 3 hours it would talk. Time for a well deserved beer - ahhhhhhhhhh refreshing and just what the doctor ordered.

Time to set off to the sunset viewing point at Uluru again, blue skies, a few clouds - perfect.
The sun started to set and the shadows got longer,
The shadows reached Uluru
The skies darkened
The eerie glow of the night setting in
Uluru saw the last of the light for the day
Goodnight from magical, mystical Uluru.


  1. Mum your clothes are starting to hang off you he he xxxx

  2. I wish . I saw that pic dad took and had to double take, saying pretty much the same as you. Alas all clothes fit as snugly as they did before lol. xx


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