Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oct 17

There is not much I can say about today.  We set off at 8am and were on the road for 8 hours, eventually arriving in a place called Chinchilla, about 300km West of Brisbane. 

Long roads, we can tell we are so close to civilization now, the radio has worked all day, the roads have road markings on them telling us where to drive, the verges of the roads have been mowed, the houses look more expensive, there are more places to stop for coffee etc etc etc.  The feeling now is our holiday has really come to a close and we are both trying to make the very best of the ticking clock.  Sorry there are no pictures, there were none to take, altogether a boring day, especially after our adventure yesterday which already seems a lifetime ago.  The caravan park we are staying in tonight looks like several rows of white cabins that belong by the beach and the lady who welcomed us was not particularly welcoming, maybe my humour was a bit too off the wall for her.  So where are we staying, let me get the brochure out and see what it is called - Cypress Pines.  The cabin is beautiful inside, and has a 48" flat screen TV on the wall so Alan is settled for the night with remote control in hand <g>. 

Brisbane tomorrow!!!!


  1. No, No, No - our holiday cannot have come to an end already - I've had too wonderful a time for it ever to end Well I suppose all that is left to say is that I really hope you do get the chance to return in the future (Alan, how about for Jane's 50th birthday!!) Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences throyugh this blog .... has meant so much to me. love you loads and loads and .... xxxxx

  2. I know how you are feeling, we feel the same, the holiday has come to an end all too quickly. Alas, as they say, all good things come to an end . Ah, 50th may be a bit quick, got to start saving again but as we keep saying, if the stars shine on us then it will all fall into place. It has been fun doing the blog (most of the time anyway ) and your following and comments, along with Tasha's have kept me going on the days when it really was a trial and tribulation to get everything written, photos organised and resized and all uploaded. Alan has been a real good sport even thought at times I could see him chomping at the bit trying to hurry me up but I could only work as fast as the mobile network we have been using. Car goes back tomorrow, got some shopping to do then we leave Brisbane at 8pm on Thurs night (21st). Speak soon treasure, love you lots. Jane xxxxx

  3. At least you have me and Jay to look forward too (((((hugs))))) xxxxx


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