Sunday, August 10, 2014

White on White with a hint of Pink

What a lovely evening, sitting in my chair with my laptop and creating some computer wallpaper for the Digitally Sweet challenge <g>.  Yep this entry is 100% digital.  I would much rather be doing things on my laptop than watching television.

I decided to create some new wallpaper, a rather cool project for something 100% digital.  My only issue is the pink - just about my least favourite colour so that is a challenge in itself for me to work with hahahaha.

My wallpaper has been created using Photoshop.

To begin with I found a rose via Google which was labelled as 'Labeled for reuse'.  The image is by Michael Gwyther-Jones and can be found here.  Thank you Michael for the use of you image for my personal use wallpaper.

I placed the image into Photoshop and removed the background as I only want the rose head.  I also flipped the image.
 By working with layers creations are never ending so next I added a new layer and placed it below the rose layer.  I added a texture background and a gradient.
On another new layer I added my text, a quote by Lee Buseaglia.
Something was missing so I added another layer where I used a Photoshop brush by Obsidian Dawn. Once the brush image was placed I added some digital effects:- emboss, texture and shadow.
 And now you see my new wallpaper on my laptop screen.  Although I am not a lover of pink and have never had pink wallpaper near my laptop in the past I think I will leave this one on for a while as I have to admit I am rather pleased with the outcome :) :)  The background is much whiter than the image is showing, don't have the foggiest why my screen capture decide to give it a grey look :(

Challenges entered:-

Digitally Sweet - White on White with a hint of pink (100% digital)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, great use of shadows etc, good idea to make a wallpaper too. Love it. Thank you for joining us at Digitally Sweet!

    PS great tutorial too, might use it myself LOL


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