Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21

Deciding to stay another day here, listening to leaves rustling, little birds tweeting and the river passing by over some rapids on our front door step, there is not much to write about.  Our plan was to take a couple of walks in the forest and lots of photos.

Sun - where are you, we waited and waited.  Nothing but low cloud overhead, the sun made no effort to break through.

The only bit of blue sky we saw all day!!!
We waited so patiently with our cameras at the ready but nothing and we could not be bothered to pack up and move on.  Knowing the closer we get to Perth the harder it is going to be to find a quite spot to hide away in.  With plenty of supplies still at hand there really was no need for us to move.  We could hear small birds in the trees but seeing them was a different matter.

Just a pretty picture of the river.
By mid afternoon it was out with the wine, if for no other reason than to warm up <g>.  Now folks who know me often hear me say, "one glass of wine and I am almost anybodies, two and I am".  With 'hamsterfication setting in (that's when you cheeks go numb and feel like you are a hamster with hordes of peanuts in them) some of the ever present in sound only, little birds came to earth.  Oh what beauties, the males have iridescent blue feathers on their heads and orange on their backs, the females are the usual no need for show browns.  Now this is bad timing, wrong lens on my camera, hands unable to hold the camera, brain cell unable to work how how to take a picture, I missed every shot of the males but did manage to get one in focus of a female.  Thankfully Alan was a little more compus-mentus and managed to capture one little beauty for memories sake.

And finally, a sort of sunset to end the blog for today.


  1. Just had a thought, why do you not upload a pic of auz, with your route on so we can get some idea of your journey xxx

  2. tried that last year. The sat nav has all our tracks on it as a record and I tried to overlay that on a map - obviously did not work. Will give it another go when back in KSA . xxxx


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