Friday, November 4, 2011

November 2

Alan was up so early this morning so we start the blog with a dawn picture.

What a treat, sitting in sun this morning writing some more of the blog and keeping it up to date while enjoying a hot cup of coffee a mother emu and her seven babies have just walked past us not more that 15 feet away. Quick Alan, out with the camera and get some pics .

We are not in much of a mood to hurry this morning, just sitting here enjoying the sunshine and drinking even more coffee is doing the trick. However, we will be moving soon as the thought of a hot bath is becoming more prominent. On our way into the Francois Peron National Park (part of Project Eden), yesterday we saw they the homestead had a hot tub, a natural one for use by the public.

Ah heaven on earth, the hot tub is a big round concrete set-up with steps on the inside. The water is a balmy 40 degrees. Several other people passed by having a look but we only had to mention this was our first proper wash in the last 10 days and they kept on moving - must try that trick again in the future.  Due to this being a public hot tub Alan went in fully clothed but it was not long before he removed his shirt and all he was left wearing was his swimming trunks/shorts. Me, well I am the sarong lady so that was all that adorned my flesh, a little too easy for it to become undone in the water but what the heck, I was having a ball.

Feeling so much cleaner for our fresh water soak (no soap!!!) and clothes replaced on our sand and grim free bodies we set on on another trek to explore this park. There are not many roads, in fact only two to decent viewing points so this will not take long.

At Peron Point we brought Winston to a halt, donned our hats, fly nets and with cameras at the ready headed for the beach area. Now from this viewing point we are meant to see turtles, sharks and dolphins - did we heck, not one in sight. Instead we found sea birds standing on the sea shore and what a stink - fishy bird s**t, enough to put anyone off a fish and chip supper.  

I love taking pictures of birds and long to get a picture of a bird flying which is in focus, today I achieved this goal (I think ).

Time to head off and check out the other camp spots as we have decided to stay here another night. Oh boy, not for us, it looks like the camp we stumbled on last night is the prettiest of them all so we are heading back there and hopefully the folks who had the prime location with a sea view have left and we can nab the spot for ourselves.

Once again the wheel was handed to me, I am throughly enjoying this easy 4x4 driving, so long as I have somebody else's tracks to follow I am not stressed at all. Hey, another feather in my cap, I had to pull off the road once again to let another vehicle pass and this time did a pretty good job, almost taking out a park sign in the process but alls well that ends well.

With Winston parked up in the prime location - yes it was free, we unpacked once again, set up the tarpaulin, chairs etc, lifted Winsnton's soft top and created our cosy nest for the night.

Visitors!!! two legged kind but not human. A couple of parrots of some description have settled so close to us and I have my camera ready, oh so lucky. I must share this picture with you, I think it is one of the best I have ever taken and I am feeling very proud of myself. OK time to stop bragging and share the outcome with you, let me know what you think, will it make me my millions I wonder.

Now how is this for dedication for you, I often check out to see if I can get a mobile signal everywhere we are so I can upload the blog. Low and behold, on top of a sand dune in the middle of nowhere I managed to connect to the net. Alas, the signal was only strong enough for me to write a few words on FB but forget the blog and images, no hope in that area.

Sunset pictures, wow, beautiful and so many taken, here is a couple for you to enjoy.


  1. Wow your pic of birds are mint mun, well done you should be proud of yourself and a big pat on the back from me xxx

  2. Yes Jane, I believe you are taking some of your best photos ever. The bird in flight is spectacular and the parrot who settled close to look looks as though he is telling you off with his pointed claw... I wonder what he might have been scolding you about. Yes Jane, I endure the panic and shivers and do look at all your photos including the one's of my most fearful subject.... how's that for love?!!!!!

    Can imagine your hot tub was bliss ..... you must have felt you'd lost a lot of weight getting rid of 10 days worth of dust and grime!!!!

    Oh, dawn and dusk sun rise/set photos, how spectacular. Do you feel privileged to experience such unspoilt natural beauty. I do seeing these sights through your lens. Thank you for sharing all.

    Love you loads xxxxxxx

  3. Easy to take good pics with a good camera. good lens and good subject, just lucky to be in the right places at the right times. Thank you both though for the feedback and Ingrid I appreciate you looking a the feathered pics knowing this is not your favourite subject.

    I just love dawn/dusk/sunset pics and yes, I always feel privileged to be able to experience mother nature without the encroachment of human habituation to ruin everything. That was a lot to do with loving living in Africa and finding what we find here in OZ. Too many places in the world are far too populated for us and 'things of beauty' created by folks don't match the beauty created by nature by any means. Going to try and get another blog post or two up now. xxxxx


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