Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well it is 3:25 a.m. and the alarm clock for work will go off in two hours - looks like no sleep tonight, what a pain.

For the sake of something to do I will share with you a couple of cards I made yesterday.  Both cards are for a friend and her husband who are about to leave.  This first card is a request from the department Gayle works for and I was asked to work around a camel and Arabic theme.  I drew the camel in Inkscape and filled the inside of the shape with calligraphy  scrolls and lines.  The image then had a few more things done to it to prepare it to cut the way i wanted it to with my die cutter.  I then imported the image into SCAL for cutting.  The text was cut using the Jasmine Cricut cart.  The camel and text were cut out of gold mirror card.  To give a 3D feel to the card the camal was attached using 3D glue dots.  Alas it is not the best of pictures, gold card and flash don't particularly like each other but you get the idea of what it looks like.

 This next card was the one I designed from our department.  The background is material, a head covering scarf worn by men sold here in the KSA.  The text is cut from black card and the Jasmine Cricut cart with a white layer behind it and attached using foam tape, once again to give the card a 3D feel.  Nice and simple, different from the card above but still in keeping with the overall theme for both cards - Saudi.

Still not tired enough to sleep, can see by tomorrow afternoon I will have run out of steam and all I will want to do is sleep.  Alas that is not possible, I am having a pamper afternoon, manicure, pedicure and hair done ready for going on holiday <g>.  Well the hair will be ready but no doubt the nail varnish will have chipped off by next week!!!!!

Right I am out of here for now. Bye


  1. What lovely cards - such a nice keepsake for Gayle and her husband. What a talented lady you are treasure Lots of Love xxxxxx

  2. What a lovely comment, now if you were not my sister I would know you were not biased . xx


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