Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 26

It rained most of the night but we were dry and warm. Now was it a good idea I hear you ask, to blow up the air bed and add that to the sleeping compartment. It sounds wonderful in theory but alas in reality it was a nightmare. We ended up with about 15 inches between the top of the air bed and the roof of the bedroom, snug yes, leading to a good nights sleep -no. We will need to rethink this plan and come up with another solution, maybe a couple of thin blow-up bed rolls will work.

Breakfast was a fried egg sandwich, yummy and guess what it has started to rain again, and rain and rain and rain. I will add a wee story here (I have a couple up my sleeve for when there is nothing else to write about <g>).  On the first day in Winston when we were getting used to how bits and bobs worked, prioritize items for most needed and placements for easy access etc, one of us accidentally turned the knob for the fridge onto freezer, (it was on -15C).  Now the eggs were in the fridge/freezer and it was not till the next day we noticed this mistake when we went to get the milk for a cuppa - frozen milk no less.  As you can imagine, if the milk was frozen so was everything else, including the oranges and eggs.  We had no idea what would be the outcome to the frozen eggs once they had defrosted.  Would they be like our pre-scrambled eggs in shell on our last trip to OZ or would they become be some wonderfully outlandish new product?  As you have guessed, knowing that we had yummy fried egg sandwiches for breakfast they were none the worse for wear for the experience.

We managed to fill the blue plastic wash basin twice with rain water, great, the first fill up was used to rinse all the dishes, cups and pans etc the second has been put into the water tank under Winston for future use and the final bit that was left Alan has used for a shave, his first in 4 days. How is that for recycling.

I am sitting back in Winston keeping dry and writing yesterdays blog and starting today. Time to sign off now, get dressed, have a final cuppa then pack up the last of the items before heading off on today's adventure, it is now noon so we had better get our skates on.

Time to write some more now and get this uploaded.

And it continued to rain - all day no less, torrential rain says Alan <g>.  Here is a photo and quick movie clip so you can share the experience with us in you warm, cosy, dry locations :)

We decided to go to Dongara today, in need of some more supplies and we hear they have great rock lobsters there.  A hot meal and no dishes to wash up will do me just fine.  Dongarah is about 150 km drive so by the time we got there it was 4:00 p.m. and it was still RAINING.  We found the supermarket and got the water etc and a couple of chicken salads, might as well try to eat a couple of healthy items on our trek.  In the hardware store we purchased 2 foam bedrolls, lets hope they work.  Now to find somewhere to eat a lobster or two.  Bummer, the only place open is the one we have been advised not to eat at so it looks like no lobster on the menu tonight, I think it will be a bowl of noodles again.  Hey Tasha - these are the same noodles in a bowl we get in Saudi so while we eat ours we will be thinking of you :)

Looking to our left out to sea we can see some blue  sky, could the rain be drawing to a close, if so that would be a lovely way to end the night.  Half an hours drive out of Dongara and after exploring a few tracks we found our home for the night and what a beauty it is.  

Winston's 4th campsite

We are 100 meters from the sea, can hear the waves breaking and we have a sunset to die for for you.

Alan on the beach

Winston ready for bed!!!!!

This last pic of Winston all tucked up ready for the night is a great place for me to also say sleep well folks and chat with you in the morning.

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