Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well I wonder who will be the first person to check up and see if I have posted anything on the blog <g>  Think I know who it will be :)

The packing is almost done and we still have two hours before we leave Abqaiq for Bahrain.  Alan has his MaxTrax ready in the same box they came back from Australia in last time, just some new selotape to hold everything together.  Fancy bringing them all the way back to Saudi with the intention of using them in the desert (which we have not been back to this year).  If we had hindsight we could have just left them in OZ for this trip, would save having to use checked in baggage for them.  Ah well, will be worth it if Alan finds another boggy hole to drop the Land Cruiser into.

My Red Bull is finished, it is too early for a shower and to get ready and I can't think of anything we have missed.  The watercolour brushes and paints are packed along with a big pad of paper, who knows maybe I will paint something again, now that could be fun.  Come to think of it, I wonder if Alan is planning on buying himself another fishing rod this year, that was so funny watching him lose spinner after spinner and only one 4 inch fish to show for it which was not worth eating so got to live another day.

Two days ago I was on hot bricks and so excited being able to say "day after tomorrow we go to OZ", yesterday I deflated for some odd reason and now I am in cuckoo land and it is all starting to feel surreal.  I think I am finding it hard that this time tomorrow we will have just landed in Perth (it is now 21:12 hours here in the KSA and 01:12 in Perth).  A long 24 hours ahead of us but an adventure in its own way.  I am still fascinated that one can travel such long distances in such a short time, well it is a short time when you think how long it took Captain Cook to get there!!!!!!!

I am rambling now trying to pass time so will quit while I am ahead.  There will probably be another post from Dubai in about 7 hours saying as we have about 6 hours there to waste.  Bye for now and hope you enjoy the blog of our 'Adventure 2011 - Down Under' 


  1. hope you have a fab and safe journey, love you both xxxxxxxx

  2. Have a wonderful holiday - so relieved when you finally got your packing done, what a stressful day (I've had!!!!). Hope you have good flight and I look forward to following your adventures. Love you Loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for commenting Tasha, Jay and Ingrid. I really really really appreciate it xxxxx


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