Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting into practice again!!!!!!

OK, just trying this out as is a very long time since I did anything with the blog.  I am on a mega countdown at the moment, 3 more days of work and 11 days till we leave for another adventure down under.

I have been playing around with making SVG files to use with cutting machines taken from colouring book pages.  Here is my second attempt (the first was from a tutorial so I will not post that <g>).  Hopefully tonight I will be able to upload the files somewhere so you can download them if you wish to try.  Please note:- this design cannot be used on cards for sale as the image is not mine to give you but I am sure whoever drew the picture would not mind you using it as a cutting file for your own cards which you do not sell.

Here is the image for now!!!!!  Might just make that into a card tomorrow and if I do will post the final product.

Looks like tomorrow came early, here is the card I have just finished with the SVG bug.

Now for my next challenge.  Where to put the files on here so you can download the bug SVG, PDF, SCUT2 etc.


  1. OK I will try and post a comment to see if it works Nothing like writing a comment to myself!!!!!!

  2. Now let's see if I can post a comment


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