Friday, October 28, 2011

October 27

This is such a beautiful location we have decided to rest up for the day and make the most of the sunshine and relax. Our only mission is to capture more photos of sunsets this evening, with the exception of the beach there is not much to take photos of. For a bit of fun we have decided to undertake a quality assurance mission relating to Marmite. We have both the FAKE Marmite and the real Marmite ready along with our bread and butter. So what have we discovered……

Filling of Jars test
FAKE Marmite 4/10, as you can see by the photo, the fake Marmite looks more like a licourish ice-cream cone topping.
Real Marmite 10/10 - the real Marmite is smooth and even.  

Real Marmite on the left, the other on the right
Spreadability Test
FAKE Marmite 2/10 - Yuk - this Marmite is gritty and does not spread at all.
Real Marmite 10/10 - Now look at the real Marmite, silky smooth and mixes with the butter to make a scrumptious creamy spread.  

Fake Marmite at the top, real Marmite at the bottom
Taste Test
FAKE Marmite 5/10 - it is OK and if you did not know better could almost pass as Marmite.
Real Marmite 10/10 - tingling on the taste-buds, absolute perfection.  

Now I am not biased when it comes to trying new products but I am wondering here how both these items can be called Marmite, I thought that was a trade name!!!!! Do Marmite know this fake product using their name exists I wonder. Fear not by the way my Aussie mates, this fake Marmite is an import from New Zealand!!!!  We are so glad we brought our Marmite with us all the way from the UK and Saudi.  

Now the Marmite assessment is completed we will do nothing for the rest of the day, until sunset that is. This evening we used the good cameras to capture the sunsets and we got some stunners, it has been hard to choose some for you.

A few fishermen around, we hear
the catches brought in were rather


The hours of darkness have fallen and tonight we have been totally spoilt.  After reading the next bit, try closing your eyes and imagining what we experienced. Alan made a wonderful fire, we went our fire wood collecting earlier in the day with great finds, good solid logs etc. We placed our camp chairs around the fire enjoying watching the flames dance before our eyes. On looking up, the stars, oh the stars, they were everywhere with not a cloud or tree in sight to block their beauty from our line of vision. They were so bright and far too many to count. Now you have the warmth of the fire to keep you warm, the most wonderful sights for the eyes and in the background, the sounds of the wakes breaking, rushing up the beach and retreating to the sea once again in their circle of movement - get the picture. We feel the luckiest people on earth at this moment in time. I think we are going to sleep well tonight :) 

As normal, I try to end the blog with sunset picture, hope you like this one :)


  1. Hey Mum, sorry you have not heard from me in a while, been a bit of a mad week lol. will give you the crack at some point. Having a problem with my camera, it will not focus on anything!!! have read the manual and checked the settings but it has made no difference. Also when i do take a pic and i look at it on the screen it is showing black marks on it, but in different places on different photos. could you ask dad, if he has any ideas please. Loving the pictures by the way. Missing you both ((HUGS)) AND KISSES XX


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