Monday, November 5, 2018

Santa Muerte Mobile Phone Cover

Aurora Wings

Sketch Challenge #72 - Once Upon a Dream or a Nightmare

Time for a new challenge at Aurora Wings and this month we want you to head down the road of dreams or nightmares, how cool is this :)

I spent quite a long time pondering over this challenge, so wanting to use a darker image but my heart always heads towards the more peacefully ones.  In the end the decision was made for me totally by accident.  It was a Friday, not the usual day I visit my mother who has Alzheimers but she was having a very rare lucid couple of days and as these days are so very special as I have my Mum back as she used to be I couldn't let the day pass without a visit.  She lives about 25 miles away and I set off, alas with my mind on other things and by the time I arrived I desperately needed a pee lol. Now it was also a warm day so I did not have a coat on and I don't use handbags as I leave them lying around and forget to pick them up so I had put my mobile phone in my back pocket.  Pretty sure you can guess what happened - plop - no not me but yes, my mobile phone which was not waterproof, decided to dive head first into the loo.  Oh my heart sank, I could only imagine the hassles ahead of me but what to do.  Hand in the loo to grab my phone, took the cover off, gave it a good shake and hoped for the best, I had to now make Mum the priority and enjoy the special moments with her.  A few hours later, with a hot phone that did not want to switch off I headed off home.  Hubby to the rescue and mobile phone had Sim card removed and was then placed in a bag of rice - fingers crossed.  Anyway, to cut a long story shorter the phone worked after a couple of days but the big button at the bottom for closing applications was still dead grrrrr.  What to do, get it repaired - no Apple wanted over £300 for that, buy a reconditioned one, again no, battery problems often found there.  So only other option was to get a new phone.  With that sorted I needed a new case, so many pretty ones out there and then a lightbulb came on, get a clear silicone one and then I can make my own colourings to fit.  So here we are, my 'Nightmare' creation is more ways than one :)  Hope you like.

To make my mobile phone cover I used a template from the Internet for sizing.  I then removed all the background from the .jpg image and created a simple gradient to put behind the image in a colour to match my new phone :) and then added some text.  I have wanted to colour this fab image for a long time but never knew what to put it on but this seemed the perfect project for her, the image is Santa Muerte, a super image with a lot of detail which did make colouring her at this small size a real challenge.  Thank goodness for a good pencil sharpener to keep my Polychromes super sharp.  The scythe was coloured with a copper gel pen and a gold gel pen was used for her earrings but you can't really see that. I completed the image with some glass Stickles and Liquid Pearls and a quick spray of Crafters Companion Spray and Shine.  She is pretty blingy but I have not really managed to catch that with the photograph unfortunately.  Lots of fun with this challenge and I love the outcome, different and so lovely to be able to carry a bit of my colouring around with me.

Items Used:-

  • Image:- Santa Muerte by Aurora Wings available from the AW Store here and from Etsy here
  • Colouring :- digital background, Polychromes, gel pens
  • Other items:- Stickles, Liquid Pearls, 

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  1. Oh MY! What a nightmare of a story, Jane, but the outcome is trulya dream. Santa Muerte in the gorgeous pastels is ethereal and so unexpected. What a lovely case for your new phone. Brilliant project and the "warning" makes me giggle. Fabulous work! xxD

  2. Oh dear Jane, that was not what you needed hun was it? I love this idea, nearly did one of these myself for a forthcoming challenge but changed my mind, might have to resurrect it though as it looks so fabulous and unique. I agree with Donna, the little warning at the bottom is fab.
    Dawn xxxxx

  3. I loved reading your blog post, Jane! You totally turned a nightmare scenario into a dream with this one. What an awesome idea to make a phone case! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of coloring this image at this small a size... Love your color palette and amazing coloring skills here! Thank you so much for the fantastic inspiration!! Mitzi xxx


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