Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 4 Chapter 1

Dubai Airport

I think my eyelids are being held open by matchsticks.  Bless Alan he has not had a sleep at all since he woke up yesterday morning.  I at least had an hour yesterday afternoon and another hour curled up on my two chairs in the airport lounge.  Have just told him I will stay awake now if he wants 40 winks.  We have just been having a bit of a laugh, the last couple of antibiotics are lying on the table, such a pretty blue colour but they look like Viagra <g> (could be an interesting flight lol).  All I can think about at the moment is a bed, a blanket and a pillow and no more food.  So far I have already had two breakfasts but am rather sad, neither of them included bacon. 

As soon as we got off the plane from Bahrain we found a wee chemist and go our nicotine patches.  I have never used them before but maybe 14 hours without a cigarette and then facing Ozzie customs might be too much for my even tempered ways, I may just loose it again like I once did in Amsterdam Airport.  It was not funny when they took my bottle of Vodka away from me (the only bottle of duty free I have ever bought) and put it in the bin and I let everybody know how beep beep beep I was.  Those who know me well know how my voice carries, Anna was trying to calm me down and Carol was killing herself laughing, she had just had 200 cigarettes taken off her. What are we like.

Why is it sometime the simplest of things bring so much pleasure, I can't wait to be able to drive on a proper tarmac road again faster than 30mph - it will be like being at Silverstone.  We have been reliably informed that the only time we have to obey speed limits is in towns, one has to slow down a couple of miles outside of the town as that is where the friendly cops start lying in wait.
Right, that is enough chatter for now, going to have my cup of tea and Viagra ROFL. 

Next stop Brisbain then Wollongbar.  Catch you then.

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  1. Just a question: how do you know what Viagra looks like?!!!!! Love to both of you. xxxxx


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