Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 3 Chapter 1

Wahay, all sorted.  That packing job was a doddle, wonder if that means I have left vital items out.  I am so tempted to put in the tea bags, nearly everywhere we have traveled has rubbish tea, alas no room so I will resist.  This is all a bit surreal, really can't believe in four hours time we will be piling into the car and heading the furthest east we have ever been.  I have butterflies in my tummy and am a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve, what a wonderful feeling.  There are these pictures in my head from TV programs, photos etc I have seen and now I have the chance to capture all this with my own two eyes.

Time to sign off for now.  Next stop Bahrain and Dubai.


  1. Have a safe journey. I am so excited for you too.

    Love you and have the most amazing time



  2. We will Tasha, love you lots too. Hope you enjoy the Blog and my idle chatter, hopefully it will keep you up to date with what we are doing and save me from repeating myself too often when we are together. xxxxxx


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