Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 1 Chapter 1

Well this is a first for me having never tried blogging before.  I have no real idea what will be put up yet, I guess it will be whatever takes my fancy at that moment in time.  The plan, if possible is to write about my trip to the Great Down Under (Internet access permitting).  In 48 hours hubby and I will be setting of on a lifetime dream, one we have talked about for 20 odd years, to visit Australia.  We may be getting on in years and backpacking is a bit too energetic for us so instead we are going camping in the outback.  I can smell the land and see the stars already.  Before we do the camping bit we will be going to a great friends wedding, what a start to our holiday adventure.  Thank you 'friend' for giving us the most perfect excuse to come to OZ instead of just talking about 'going to OZ'.

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  1. Hope you both have an amazing journey of a life time. Suck it all in like a pair of sponges. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures.

    Love you both

    Natasha and Jay


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