Sunday, July 31, 2022


  International Art & Soul, a challenge which has been put together to incorporate any type of craft, paper, wood, flowers, recycling, glass - the world is your oyster :).  Come on over and join us with you artwork :)

Challenge #139

Our challenge theme 'Happiness' has been chosen by Hazel.

You certainly sent me off on a thinking journey with this challenge Hazel lol.  So many things make me happy.  In the end this challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to use a laser cutting design I have had for a while - Mandala Yin Yang by Laser Cutano.  Happiness to me is balance in life so the Yin Yang is perfect.  Next it was onto choosing colours and for that I used one of my wedding photos as that was the happiest day of my life, still married after 42 years and still best friends :).  I hate waste that makes me unhappy ROFL so I designed the hearts, my first layered cuts that I have designed which would fit on the nicely on what would have been an off-cut of my prepared boards.  I really did only have scraps left of the 600mm x 400mm boards so no waste worth worrying about (the Yin Yang mandala is 390mm diameter and the hearts 230mm).  The boards were treated with MDF sealant and then painted with acrylic paint.  After assembly a couple of coats of spray varnish and all done.  

Here is the wedding pic I used to get the colours from.  The blue was from the carpet, the green from the orchids, the 2 pinks were a mixture from the flowers, bridesmaid dresses and the outfit my Mum wore.  The brown was from highlights in hubby's hair :) 


  1. Your MDF work is fantastic and I love this! Your wedding is photo is lovely too and yes, there's nothing like married happiness. It would have been 58 years in November for us but we didn't quite make 48 as Eric died almost 10 years ago. So many happy memories. x

  2. How wonderful looks amazing . A fabulous wedding photo
    My Blog As I do Rodos


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