Sunday, April 24, 2022

Things With Wings

  International Art & Soul, a challenge which has been put together to incorporate any type of craft, paper, wood, flowers, recycling, glass - the world is your oyster :).  Come on over and join us with you artwork :)

Challenge #132
Things With Wings
Our challenge theme 'Things With Wings' has been chosen by Christine.

This beautiful owl really was a labour of love :) I made it for my daughter's birthday as she loves owls, this one now hangs in pride of place in her lounge.  I bought the design from 'Laser Cutano Shop' and it is made up of 7 layers of different cuts.  I used 3mm Poplar Ply which is incredibly light for the bottom 6 layers which I then wood stained in different shades.  The top layer was originally cut using the Poplar Ply but, and this was my fault, I ended up having to use MDF which is stronger.  As I had made the design 39cm high instead of the original height of around 60cm the width of the the lines on the top layer were incredibly delicate and the Poplar did not work.  


  1. I agree that the owl is beautiful, no wonder your daughter loves it. This challenge was set by Christine, CraftyGirl set the previous challenge. The blog is correct it's just your comment above, on your blog. (I can't stop proof reading - it was a big part of my job many years ago. lol) Hazel x

    1. LOL Hazel, love your proof reading :) :) amended now. Thanks gorgeous xxxx

  2. This is certainly a labour of love excerrlant work absolutely stunning
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