Sunday, June 20, 2021

Holidays, here or abroad

    International Art & Soul, a challenge which has been put together to incorporate any type of craft, paper, wood, flowers, recycling, glass - the world is your oyster :).  Come on over and join us with you artwork :)

Challenge #111
Holidays, here or abroad
This fortnights challenge 'Holidays, here or abroad' has been chosen by Jennie.

For my card I used an image I coloured a long time ago by Elizabeth Bell, so perfect for this challenge.  The frame is digital, took a bit of manipulation to make it fit as it was a rectangle but I think I managed to hide where I made the split and rejoined it.  Holidays are a bit of a sad point this year but I am sure there will be chances to get down to the beach for a picnic if nothing else.  This frame is so perfect for the area where I live, all the items including the seals are pretty much on my doorstep in the North East of England.   

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  1. This card is so gorgeous! Makes me want to go to the beach right now.



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