Sunday, February 27, 2022

St Patrick's Day

  International Art & Soul, a challenge which has been put together to incorporate any type of craft, paper, wood, flowers, recycling, glass - the world is your oyster :).  Come on over and join us with you artwork :)

Challenge #128
St Patrick's Day
Our challenge theme 'St Patrick's Day' has been chosen by Maggie.

St. Patrick.s Day is not really celebrated here in England, come to think of it nor is St. Georges's Day - St George being our Patron Saint.  The only time I remember St Patrick being celebrated was with the nuns at school who would wear a shamrock thingy on their uniforms.  I decided to use the shamrock theme seeing it as similar to a 4 leaf clover and made a good luck card :). The base layer is black and I cut the frame and 4 leaf clover out of a bit of gelli printed paper I did some time ago.


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