Sunday, January 2, 2022

Anything But A Card

  International Art & Soul, a challenge which has been put together to incorporate any type of craft, paper, wood, flowers, recycling, glass - the world is your oyster :).  Come on over and join us with you artwork :)

Challenge #124
Anything But A Card
Our challenge theme 'Anything But A Card' has been chosen by Christine.

I designed these pet baubles and cut the design on my laser, the name text was also laser etched onto the bauble wooden section. These ones were gifts for my daughter and grandson.  Each bauble has a 2cm plastic 2 piece bauble which is attached with a paper fastener which can be removed and filled.  Nice and easy to put in a tiny gift in or, in future, when the inevitable happens, a memory of the beloved pet, in this case, a dog, 2 cats and a Bearded Dragon.  I do apologies for the photo, it was taken last minute just before I gave them to my daughter to hang on her Christmas tree lol.


  1. They look beautiful and it's great that the DT all came up with such varied items. All the best for the year ahead. Hazel x

  2. So lovely. You do such great work with your woodworking tools.


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