Friday, April 22, 2016

!00% digital Tamani

I am just having a bit of fun here.  Last week I made a card using the Tamini stamp and paper pack and entered into the Digitally Sweet Challenge.  Although my papers were digital the image was printed and hand coloured and the card assembled using dies, Stickles, gems etc.  I had some lovely feedback from so many lovely ladies but Granmargaret who said - 'Lovely work. Thank you for joining the challenge at Digitally Sweet. Hope to see you again next time. Next time we hope you will try to make a 100% digital project', did give me a chuckle and I decided to rise to the challenge.

So here is a digital version of the card I previous entered which was hand crafted, using Tamini digital papers and the Tamini pre coloured image by Coosty Creations.

I created most of my digital work using Photoshop - the backing paper from the pack was brought into the program and I added an embossed texture.  Next I brought in the green paper and used this to make the green border of the horizontal strip, on top of that I added another of the papers from the pack.  Next was the green paper again to make the border around the image and then the large floral paper to create the background behind the stamp.  The pre coloured image was brought in next on two separate layers, the bottom layer was faded to 20% to give the transparency I wanted and the second layer had the wings rubbed out.  To add the pearls as veins I nipped back into Illustrator and created a brush from a pearl to make my strands and then drew the pearl veins over an image of the stamp I had open.  The pearl veins were then copied and pasted into Photoshop (I am much more of an Illustrator user than Photoshop and often use that for things I know I can do in Photoshop but am more comfortable doing in Illustrator).  Back into illustrator to create the medallions using another of the digital papers and placing in a clipping mask, this was then copied and pasted on two layers in Photoshop.  Back to Illustrator to make my buttons using circles and the Compound Path tool, these were also copied and pasted into Photoshop.  For the sentiment, well, I often plan my cards in Illustrator in the evenings as I find it easy to focus when it comes to making the card through general crafting methods if I can visualise the end result, and so, the sentiment had already been created in my original planning totally digitally so I just pinched that and pasted it onto my digital card in Photoshop.  Each layer had shadows added to give some depth to the end result.  I hope you approve Granmargaret with my effort to recreate my original hand crafted card as a totally 100% digital version :) :) :)

Digital products used

Software used - Photoshop and Illustrator

I am entering this creation into:-
Digitally Sweet Fantasy Challenge


  1. A lot of work I know, but I love it and you can always send it as a digital card? Great embossing texture on the background. Love how you have done the pearl veins, something new to me, I must see if I can replicate it in PS.

    We are trying to promote digital art work at Digitally Sweet, especially as a lot of the cards that enter our challenges seem to start out digitally, shame for the work to go to waste and the explanations of how their made helps others to learn more about digital art. Thank you for all your work in explaining what you have done, I don't use Illustrator, but learnt a couple of things about how you did things in Photoshop.
    Thank you for joining us at Digitally Sweet! Hope to see you again, with your digital creations? :)

  2. This is really lovely. Thank you for accepting my challenge to do a 100% digital card and entering it into Digitally Sweet. Hope to see you again next month. I don't have Photoshop, I make my digital cards in Publisher. Best wishes

  3. Jane, love this card. You are really a master at digital creations this is just lovely. I love the layered look and how the wings look so translucent.
    Hugs OSAAT teamie

  4. Hi Mimi Would you contact DSC at
    Thank you
    Faith DT


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