Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kenya Adventure - Day 1

Oh wow - AFRICA, I see you out the plane window as we come into land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi (or to use the local name Nairobbery!!!) - yes when we lived here we had lots of fun names for different places, some of them a bit to rude to mention lol. I would have taken a picture of our first sight of Africa if we had a window seat, alas we had centre seats and I had to crane my neck over to peer out the window as the plane banked - yes tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, we are here.

We were met of the plane, yes off the plane by a chap waiting to take out bags, then onto the shuttle bus and straight through immigration before the rest of the passengers could sneeze. Talk about being pampered.  Our bags came through in one piece and next a taxi to Pete and Mo's for the most wonderful welcome, big hugs and years melting away.  I really can't say much at this moment in time, my head is all over the place, no sleep since yesterday morning 6 a.m. so coming up to 40 hours now with only a couple of light kips :)

As I mentioned before I want to have a bit of fun with this adventure and try to do as much of the then and now - after so long there will be many changes.  To start off with, you know what it is like when you have not seen somebody in a long time, you carry the image in your head of what they look like and if you passed them on the street many years later would walk straight past them as they look nothing like your memory. So here is Pete the last time we saw him <g> and what he looks like now lol.  I can't do the same with Mo as this is the first time we have met her but who knows what the future holds.
Left - Pete in 1981 - he still looked the same in 82 when we last set eye on him.
Right - Pete now (photo pinched off the Africa Endorsed web site) - yep would definitely walk past him in the street not knowing who he was.  Just as well we have a recent photo or we might have found ourselves gatecrashing some stranger to stay with them lol.

Pete and Mo have their own Safari Company and I can't not give them a bit of advertising can I - that really wouldn't be fair.  The company is called Africa Endoursed  - 'Africa Endorsed offers privately guided safaris as well as unguided adventures in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Botswana. We cross boarders through Africa working to give a streamlined holiday through the world’s most wildlife enriched continent. Hand picked routes and destinations make up your ultimate African safari'.

Now you may remember I have been talking about my desire for perfect bananas, an odd request but a serious one.  Bless Mo, on the table two lovely bunches of bananas and I have already tucked into them - scrumptious and just as I remember - one happy bunny here.

It has certainly been a long day and a fairly late night as we has so much chatter to catch up on, think it will take the full four weeks to fill in the gaps.  Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, we head off on the first leg of our safari adventure so we really should get some shut eye if possible. Night night folks, chat with you tomorrow.


  1. Can you really believe that you are back in Africa, the continent of your birth, the country where you met your best friend and soul mate .....or do you have to keep pinching yourself to believe that this is for real and not just a beautiful dream? I wonder how much Pete thinks the pair of you have changed ....personally, I don't think you've changed much at all over the past 3 decades're still my beautiful little sister. The men have changed much more ....Alan and Pete have become very distinguished as they've slowly aged.
    Oh, you and your fruit ....I can imagine you tucking into those bananas and I relishing every bite. Hope you've left yourself a couple for breakfast in the morning. I'm sure you will have a full and exciting day so I urge you to have something to eat with your morning coffee. Oooh, I wonder what you will see tomorrow .....lions, lots of lions and lots of photos so that Leo can see why I chose his name lol.
    Hope you catch up on some sleep treasure. Love you loads xxx ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Tell Pete he's got a double in the UK, Jane. At first glance I thought it was John Nettles of 'Bergerac' and 'Midsommer Murders'. Enjoy your narna's and I'll be popping in and out to see what you're up to.
    Hugs! Jennie.

  3. How exciting - I hope it is all going to be truly wonderful and enjoy your bananas :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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